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Here are some easy commands you can type into Chrome’s address bar … err Omnibox… that you may not know about. We’re going to show you the easy way, not the geek’s way. But just so you know, typing About:Flags is the same as typing chrome://flags . No need for all that typing. Chrome has a lot of useful About Stuff. You can get to it by typing either About: with a simple command after it. And guess what else? None of these commands are case-sensitive. So AbOUt:fLAGs is the same as ABOUT:FLAGS or about:flags.

About://flags is the same as Chrome://flags…got it? But you don’t need no stinkin’ slashes,

Here is a list of just a few of the many Chrome About commands. Type the command in Chrome’s Omnibox (address bar) and press Enter… and you’re on your way!

about:flags   View and enable some of the experimental features hidden in Chrome. CAUTION! CAUTION! As noted on this page, these are experimental features and might break chrome leaving it broken or useless. You, therefore, enable these features at your own risk.

about:extensions  Shows you a list of all extensions installed.

about:downloads  Displays recently downloaded files – you can do the same thing with the keyboard shortcut CTR+J

about:bookmarks Display all of your Chrome bookmarks – you can do the same thing with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+O

about:user-actions  Shows a list of all your actions. You’ll need to open another browser or program to see any action here.

about:settings  Takes you to the Chrome settings – as if you clicked the 3-vertical-dot icon shown at the upper right corner of Chrome and then clicked “Settings

about:credits (The people and foundations and resources credited by Google for things that went into creating the Chrome browser. You might be surprised how much stuff is here.

about:chrome  Tells you the version number of Chrome you’re using and lets you know if you’re using the current version. You can also update Chrome from here.

about:memory-exhaust  This rather useless command,  shows the infamous Chrome “Aw, Snap!” page.

about:version  This command shows you tons of dweeby stuff that only a deeply serious person would enjoy.

about:quit  This command does exactly what you think it does – it closes Chrome

about:restart This command does precisely what you’re thinking it does, it restarts Chrome.

about:omnibox  Tells you more about the Chrome Omnibox than you’ll probably ever want to know. It is interesting though.

And last but not least…

about:about  This command shows you of every command you can use with about. There are dozens and dozens of them. And remember! The list you’ll see when you type About:About in the Chrome Omnibox was compiled by geeks so you’ll see chrome:// instead of about:  – but they work same, I tells ya!

So go have some fun. Dazzle your friends, confound your family, be a geek-for-a-day, bewilder your enemies, or just waste some time.  It’s all about you and all About:Chrome !


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