2 thoughts on “Access Your Other Email Accounts With Gmail

  1. Mary Gebro

    I have tried for a month now to get into my Gmail. I have notified them 3 times of the problem and have not heard back. I have entered my last 3 passwords as the have asked me to do to no avail. Do you have any suggestions? I even have told them my new e mail address long time ago, and was able to access after that. Thank you .

    1. infoave Post author

      When you sign up for a gmail account you have to give them a way to contact you – either another email address or a phone number. If the info you gave them when you first signed up for the Gmail account is updated and correct, it’s no problem to recover your Gmail account as long as the contact information you gave Gmail when you first signed up is still correct. If it’s not correct, you’re going to have a very hard recovering your account. You can try calling Google… there’s a list of phone numbers on this page.


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