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By | June 4, 2011
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Social Media is a euphemism for interactive Websites where anti-social people can socialize anonymously. Social Media are sites like Twitter and Facebook where people don’t have to bathe to have coffee and crumpets together. You can sit in your undies, unwashed, and still have more friends than you can count. Don’t worry. Facebook and Twitter have counters who do nothing else but count your friends for you. Where else could you have 1500 friends without ever brushing your teeth or bathing? Really.

And then besides Facebook and Twitter which are SNWPs (Social Networks Without Purpose), there are social media sites like LinkedIn where you can actually get a job, or connect with (sometimes called “networking”) rich men and women who own tire factories or Starbucks’ franchises or Chik-Fil-A chains, who will hire you while you’re sitting in your ratty old Sponge Bob boxers or your Dora the Explorer bathrobe straightening your hair with one of those fancy irons.

Social Media is great because it allows millions of unbathed, unwashed, semi-clothed people to interact with millions of washed, well-dressed preppies with pictures. Social Media tears down the old walls that society built. It’s great 🙂

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