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I don’t mind being alone sometimes. To sit down under a shady tree in the backyard with a cool drink and a good book – that’s living. And sometimes I love walking alone – winter, summer, spring and fall. Every season has its own flavor and beauty and smell. Sometimes it’s easier to savor the seasons when I’m alone with the breeze and the sun and the clouds…and sometimes the snow.

I don’t mind being alone. Sometimes I enjoy it. I’m not antisocial, I just like quiet and solitude – it’s good for thinking.

Sometimes when I’m working I’ve wished that Darcy would quit bugging me with her incessant emails – asking me to do this or that, or if I did this or that, or why didn’t I do this or that. It’s gets to me, you know. Sometimes I wished she’d go off on elephant safari and leave me alone! But not really – you know – just thinking out loud.

About 6 weeks ago, Darcy had surgery and things didn’t go as well as we had hoped. Before you start worrying, she had one of her knees fixed – not heart or brain surgery. But any kind of surgery is fertile ground for complications. To make a long story short (I know you think I’m kidding), I was running the business pretty much alone for two weeks: answering mail, filling orders, doing repair sessions, writing newsletters – keeping things up as best as I could.

At first, I thought, I’d be able to do it all – piece of cake- because I’m the overconfident type. After all the ribbing I’ve given Darcy over the years, how could I possibly let her know how much she is needed around here?

After about five days without her, my stomach started churning, my nerves were getting frazzled, and I had trouble sleeping. When will she be back? I would give anything to be getting emails from her asking me when I’m going to do this or that – or why I have not done this or that — or asking me why I did this or that. Or picking out the errors in the newsletters (some of them – an editor she is not, I’m sorry to say). Sometimes, she picked on me and I picked on her, but we are a team – things got done.

It was just over two weeks before she returned to work. Every morning I’d get up and find that Darcy had been up an hour or more before me – my inbox was full of:

Did you do this?
How come you did this?
Are you going to do this?
What’s wrong with you?
When will you do this?
How can it take you so long to do this?
How could you possibly do a thing like this?
Are you ever going to do this?
What’s wrong with you?
I can’t believe you didn’t do this!
What’s wrong with you?

The first day she was back, my inbox was brimming. I smiled. It’s great to have her back. And we were back to normal for about three weeks. Unfortunately, most people have two knees, and Darcy is no exception. About ten days ago she had surgery on the other knee – this was supposed to be the “easy knee” – four days or so and you’ll be back to normal said her doctor. Ha! I knew better. Now ten days later, my inbox is lonely – Darcy is still recovering.

I’m going it alone again – naturally.

But I must say, I talked to her yesterday and I could hear the feistiness returning to her voice. I was telling her about a computer problem I was having – and as always – it’s always my computer hardware – at least so she says. She thinks I buy off-brand computers and they’re always failing me – and “Why do I do this?”. Ha. It’s not a hardware issue and I’m using a very nice ASUS computer. But, she just likes to get under my skin – she thrives on it.

Honestly, she’s a great partner and she’s the one who keeps things in order. I just thought you’d like to know what’s going on with Darcy and maybe leave her a message – I promise I’ll make sure she sees them.

I am hoping she’ll be back to work next week, and you can bet she doesn’t know I’m writing this. And when she finds out she’s going to say:

“What do you do stuff like this?”

Makes me smile 🙂

53 thoughts on “Alone

  1. Jaci Barganier

    And, so many men just do not appreciate all the things a woman does. She keeps it all together and, we all know that women are so much more logical than men [grin]. I do hope Darcy is recovering and will be back soon to keep you on the straight and narrow.

  2. NIgel & Sydna

    Thanks for all the help you gave us the last couple of days. I know it was difficult with you being there alone.

    Hope Darcy is back soon. She is in our prayers.

    Thanks again

  3. Martin

    Please pass on my get well soon message to Darcy. She has helped me on at least two occasions and gone out of her way to sort my problem out. Let her know that Cloudeight is very highly thought of here in Toronto.

  4. Leslie

    Sending major Get Well Wishes to Darcy.
    Hang in there, TC.

  5. Debbie

    Oh no!. My well wishes to Darcy & my condolences to you. 🙂
    Darcy – Get well quick with little trouble or set backs. Before you know it, the pain will be gone and you will be moving again.

  6. Charlotte Mitchell

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery for Darcy! Love Cloudeight and all your great advice, tips, information, etc.

  7. Ellie

    Get well wishes for you, Darcy! Get well and hurry back. I Have subscribed to Cloudeight for many years and learn something from every newsletter!

  8. Helga

    Many good wishes to Darcy for a speedy and complete recovery. What would I do without your newsletter with all the practical tips…. And you recommended Emsisoft, I installed it a few years ago and haven’t had any “bugs” since then – great advice.
    All the best to both of you

  9. Patricia McCosker

    Good luck for a speedy recovery for you knees. TC really does love you although he tries to make out differently. I asked him once why you stayed with him, was he rich or was he good in bed…and he replied that he was not rich.
    Best wishes

  10. Beverley Hyson

    Blessings and well wishes to Darcy. I too am recovering from hip surgery and I understand her pain. I wish her all the very best. God Bless. From Victoria, BC, Canada

    PS Love your newsletters 🙂

  11. Dianne

    What a lovely letter TC . Poor Darcy, no fun especially when things don’t go as planned, thoughts are with you so much, there must be thousands of us out here in cyber land who depend on you both and care about you as we would any friend – it is just how it is as you have both built such a wonderful rapport with us all and we know you always do right by us even when it means that you are missing out on $’s by giving your advice for free. Well wishes for a trouble free recovery from now and chin up TC won’t be long and you will be feeling nagged again no doubt

    1. Kathryn

      I’m one of the thousands! And I cannot express my thoughts any better than Dianne has written. Both of you have helped me on several occasions. Prayers and many well wishes from me for a speedy, uncomplicated recovery also!

  12. Martha Gress

    Here’s to a speedy recovery! A partner is always missed when they are out of full capacity and the other partner really finds out what you do and does appreciate you. Hope recovery is going well.
    best wishes

  13. Barb

    So sorry for both of you, things are twice as difficult with only half the team aboard. Best wishes to Darcy for a rapid and complete recovery, and thanks to TC for doing all the work alone. Let the emails roll, and things get back to normal. We have been spoilt for years with assistance from both of you.
    And thanks to Patricia McCosker for her question to TC. Enjoyed the answer too.

  14. Bev

    A very fast and good resuts recovery Darcy. Love everything you you 2 do for all of us. Had knee replacement so know what it takes to recover.

  15. Reta Aronson

    Darcy I hope this finds you feeling better and so very glad that all of this is behind you as I know it is not “a piece of cake”. Follow your rehab and you will progress at the right pace..
    You two are the “dynamic duo” and so appreciate your help and expertise..

  16. Robyn Walker

    Dear Darcy ,get well soon ,I pray you will be pain free very soon, sending you healing angels to surround you (( hugs)) take good care of yourself when you go home, and do what the doctors says?
    TC Thank you for letting us know and kudos to you for keeping us all safe with our computers ,I’m sure it cant be easy running it on your own,even though you joke about Darcy a lot ? Just love your sense of humour.
    Love and Hugs to you both.
    Robyn ( aussierob)

  17. judy warden

    Get well so you can play golf before you have to put your nose back to the grindstone. We all miss you and poor overworked TC is trying to decide if its better to have you and the whip around or lose his mind with overwork.:-))
    Judy Warden

  18. Thelma

    Dear Darcy,
    My thoughts and prayers go with you for a speedy pain-free recovery. We all need you here at Cloudeight. You have helped me out so many times, not just with Cloud Direct sessions, but also with the little annoyances, that I get every so often with the computer. She is a great trooper, and and know how much you must miss her TC. Take good care of her, and don’t make her work too hard, until she is fully recovered. Thanks so much for letting us know. Thanks for carrying on in her absence, as we really look forward to those Friday newsletters, with all your help. Take care.

  19. Chris Gaskell

    Best wishes Darcy for a speedy recovery. Hope all returns to normal soon. Thanks TC for doing a great job while Darcy is away. Chris Gaskell

  20. Ken Davis

    All my blessings to you both, and hope a speedy and full recovery, will, in time, take place.

  21. Les Hawkins

    Can only support all the best wishes noted previously, get well & fit soon with as little discomfort as possible.
    From a great fan down under

  22. Johanna Ellison

    Oh Darcy!! We are all so glad that TC let us know about what you’ve been going through. Wow. Don’t be too hard on him for telling us!! :o) We are all thinking about you so much. Heal, heal, heal and take the best care of your wonderful self. We all love you and appreciate you and TC so much.

  23. JoninOz

    Wishing and hoping for you Darcy that the ‘fix’ was 100% successful so take things easy for a while.
    Thanks to TC for telling us, the members & friends.

    Kind thoughts from Australia.

  24. Virgilyn Wooley

    TC you are amazing. You kept everything going and if you hadn’t told us about Darcy, we would not have known you were carrying on alone. Prayers for a speedy recovery for Darcy. Things always go better when they are shared by a best friend.

  25. Toby Frank

    Wishing Darcy a speedy recovery. We all miss a mate and partner when they are ill. Hope you both stay well.

  26. Ruth

    Please tell Darcy that I hope she gets well and back on her feet soon. I know about the knee surgery’s. I have had one replaced and the other one is soon to be next. Tell to just do her rehab. It works wonders. You hang in there T.C. You both are such wonderful people. I’am so blessed the day I fount you guys. Have been a member for a lot of years and I trust no one when it comes to working on my computer. You both are awesone. Keep the uppperchin up.

  27. Diane

    Darcy, you are NEEDED. Always been NEEDED. Thank your lucky stars all us don’t have your private tele # or we’d be killing you w/calls & voice messages because you are NEEDED. We all NEED you to get better really soon because even our computers NEED you!

  28. Vicki

    :Darcy, hope you are getting better each and every day and will soon be back to ‘nagging’ TC! Funny how it works, people get so compliant having others around and everything they do, but when one is laid up for some reason, these guys really do miss that person and all they have contributed around the house, home and business! TC sounds lonely out there and when you get to feeling better I hope all those ‘nagging’ questions fill up his mail box!!!
    Wishing you a speedy recovery and commend TC for hanging in there with everything. You both do a great service for everyone and we need you both!

  29. James Sparks

    TC under all your bluff and blunder you are just a little pussy cat. We all know you are in love with Darcy. God speed to both of you.

  30. Roberta Lykins

    Sending Darcy a get well wish from the Franklin/Carlisle area in Ohio!
    Many Blessings!! ♥

  31. Ed Gardner

    Darcy, I just found out from TC about your knee surgery. Hope you are feeling better every day. Looking forward to having you back soon. TC is doing a fine job holding the fort. It is not easy working twice as hard, but he is managing. You and TC are needed very much out here in computerland and we trust what you all do for our computers. Stay well, get rested up and hurry back.
    Ed Gardner, Oklahoma

  32. Sarah

    Best wishes to Darcy and , I hope a fast recovery so she feels better soon!! Love you both and your your tips and when you help on my pc.

  33. Anne Gilstrap

    Adding lots of good wishes for your continued recovery. Having seen what my husband went thru with his knees, physical therapy is the key to getting back to normal. We all need you and the help you and TC render to all of us when our computers act up. Looking forward to hearing that you are all better and back at it.

  34. Sharon Langdon

    Here’s wishing you every success in your recovery, Darcy! Not everything goes as smoothly as we might wish but with dedication and perseverance those things can work out as we want. Getting better sometimes is hard work. But if I remember correctly, you are a nurse so you are quite familiar with hard work and dedication. You’ve gone out of your way several times to help me with a problem I was having with my computer. Now you have been added to my prayer list to help you get through your problem. Happy mending! We all need you!

  35. Pierre Blancard

    Darcy, you are one in a million! Pray you get well pronto before your partner get’s a hernia!

  36. Kathy and Bill Thomas

    Hi Darcy,

    You are in our thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.
    Looking forward to your return.

    Thanks TC for holding down the fort.

    We do appreciate both of you. You have helped us in understanding our computers


    Bill and Kathy

  37. Margie Mills

    Here’s wishing you a speedy recovery from your recent surgery Darcy. Don’t worry because TC has everything under control but he might need a vacation when you return. Thanks for all you do for us. I don’t know what we would do without the both of you. Your help is very much appreciated. Take care and get well soon.

  38. coraetta root

    Get well Soon Darcy ! You I hope know how much THOUSANDS of folks out here in the world depend on you & T.C. Hank in there T.C. We will PRAY for Darcy a very speedy recovery We all Need you both!!

  39. Marty

    Sending prayers for a speedy recovery Darcy!!
    We appreciate both of you so very much!!
    TC hang in there-

  40. Kealoha

    Please tell her that my prayers and good wishes for a speedy recovery are with and for her !

  41. Patty M-Bray

    Darcy, hope you are mending and will soon be able to come to TC’s rescue. TC, you poor dear. Hang in there. Know that you both are loved and needed. As I get older, I need you more and know I am not alone . You help make my life livable as I have only my computer for companionship. Be well and God Bless.

  42. Jean

    Best of recovery for you in no time DARCY and kudos to you TC for going it alone. Sure it hasn’t been easy on either of you; but things will get back to normal soon we are hoping. Maybe this was a wake up calling to EVERYONE to let your, friends, family, neighbors, co-workers know you really do care about them and love them. After my parents died I had a cousin tell me she loved me. Hearing those words from her really touched my heart. I was an only child and I know my parents loved me but I don’t ever remember them saying those words to me. So Darcy and TC I “LOVE” you both and appreciate all you have done for me as well as for others.

  43. Jean

    Darcy you are a great person, I hope you will be feeling better in the near future. I know you help me many moons ago on my Compaq when I was still using XP. I finally bought a new HP and had Windows 8.1. Not to long ago I changed over to Windows 10, I am finally getting the feeling a little more comfortable. Don’t over due, but would be nice to hear that you are feeling better. Good luck and don’t over due. My prayers are for you!

  44. Patricia

    Dear Darcy, sending you most sincere good wishes for a speedy recovery from Sydney, Aust. I always feel comfortable with my computer knowing that you and TC are there to help me when I need it. Thank you so much for your help in the past, so my prayers are with you and hoping to hear that you are 100% fit very soon.
    TC I appreciate your recent help with my computer, I didn’t realise how busy you must have been, so thanks for fitting me in, my computer is running AOK now. Best wishes to you both.

  45. Betsy Secia

    Here is hoping Darcy has a speedy recovery and will be good as prayers are with her..she will be giving you a merry chase soon..

    Best wishes to you, both.

  46. Violet

    Blessings and well wishes to Darcy.
    We appreciate both of you so very much!!!

  47. Nora

    Thanks TC for hangin’ in. Tell Darcy speedy recovery. We need both of u.


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