Attention T-Mobile and AT&T Users: Your Personal Data Could Be at Risk

By | August 23, 2021
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Attention T-Mobile and ATT Users: Your Personal Data Could Be at Risk

If you’re a current or former customer of T-Mobile or AT&T, we want to make you aware of two recent attacks on those companies by hackers who claim they have and are trying to sell millions of current and former customers’ personal data.

According to CBS News, reporting on the attack on T-Mobile…

“T-Mobile said Wednesday (August 18, 2021) that hackers stole personal information linked to 40 million former and prospective customers that applied for credit from the telecommunications company, with the data including Social Security and driver’s license records in some cases.

“The cyberattack also compromised personal data for 7.8 million current T-Mobile postpaid customers. No phone numbers, account numbers, PINs, passwords, or financial information from the nearly 50 million records and accounts were compromised, according to T-Mobile. But about 850,000 active T-Mobile prepaid accounts had their phone numbers and account PINs exposed.

“The company said it has reset all of the PINs on those accounts, and will be notifying those customers immediately…”

While Wirefly reported that hackers stole personal data from 70 million AT&T customers…

“Just a few days after T-Mobile was hacked, it looks like a second wireless carrier is the victim of another attack.

As shared in a report, AT&T was recently involved in a similar hack. The report shares that there are 70 million AT&T customers who had their personal data stolen from them and offered for sale. The data that was stolen included customers’ names, phone numbers, physical addresses, email addresses, date of birth, and Social Security Numbers.

The hacker has been identified in the report with the handle ShinyHunters, “a well-known threat actor with a long list of previous breaches.” Some of his previous victims include the likes of Microsoft, Tokopedia, Mashable, Pixlr, Minted, and more.

The report also shared that the information was being held hostage at $1 million. To prove the data breach, the hacker has provided exclusive information on an underground hacking forum. The post shows a small sample of the stolen data and ‘appears to be authentic based on available public records.’

AT&T, however, has denied the report…”

To read the full reports click the links below.

T-Mobile says hackers stole personal data from millions of customers – CBS News

AT&T allegedly hacked with 70 million compromised customer data | Wirefly

One thought on “Attention T-Mobile and AT&T Users: Your Personal Data Could Be at Risk

  1. infoave Post author

    The following comment was sent to us by email. But it shows you the impact that data breaches can have…

    Hope that you & TC have stayed safe! If you remember, I have a Mac but continue to stay connected. After ready about the AT&T data breach this morning on your Daily thought you would be interested in the following. I moved in March, put my house on the market, notified the post office. In April, received a $500+ bill from AT&T for a new phone! I called AT&T immediately, saying that the account was not mine. In May, received another bill with added charges. Called AT&T again. This time transferred to the fraud division. I found out that someone had all of my info that was listed in your article. The person had ordered a high-end phone and had it delivered to my former address which they picked up apparently! AT&T stopped sending bills, I have monitored everything, put a freeze on credit, notified the government site, etc… So far, nothing else has been detected but I will continue to monitor. Perhaps this was due to the AT&T breach? Can’t be sure but nothing else has happened – so far!

    … Best to you – Caryn


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