ATTN Windows 11 Users: Artificial Intelligence is Coming Into Your Life in a Big Way on Tuesday

By | September 24, 2023
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ATTN Windows 11 Users: Artificial Intelligence is Coming Into Your Life in a Big Way on Tuesday

150 New Features Including Windows Co-Pilot is Coming on Tuesday, September 26, 2023

If you are using Windows 11, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is coming into your life in a BIG way when one of the most significant Windows 11 Feature Update ever (Windows 11 version 23H2) starts rolling out on Tuesday, September 26, 2023.

Will your computer run the new version of Windows 11?

For those worrying about compatibility, Microsoft says “…you don’t need to worry about application or device compatibility between the versions…” The only prerequisite to getting Windows 11 version 23H2 is that your device is running Windows 11 version 22H2. If it’s not running the current version of Windows (22H2) you’ll need to update to 22H2 before you’ll be able to get Windows 11 version 23H2. To check your version, right-click on the Start button and click on “Run”. Type WINVER in the run box and press Enter.

WINVER - Cloudeight InfoAve

If you’re using Windows 11, AI is going to be a big part of your life sooner than you thought. We’ll let Microsoft tell you more about what’s coming beginning Tuesday, September 26, 2023.

According to the Microsoft Blog…

“We are entering a new era of AI, one that is fundamentally changing how we relate to and benefit from technology. With the convergence of chat interfaces and large language models, you can now ask for what you want in natural language and the technology is smart enough to answer, create it, or take action. At Microsoft, we think about this as having a copilot to help navigate any task. We have been building AI-powered copilots into our most used and loved products – making coding more efficient with GitHub, transforming productivity at work with Microsoft 365, redefining search with Bing and Edge, and delivering contextual value that works across your apps and PC with Windows…”

“With over 150 new features, the next Windows 11 update is one of our most ambitious yet, bringing the power of Copilot and new AI-powered experiences to apps like Paint, Photos, Clipchamp, and more right to your Windows PC…”

— Copilot in Windows (in preview) empowers you to create faster, complete tasks with ease and lessens your cognitive load – making once complicated tasks, simple. We’ve made accessing the power of Copilot seamless as it’s always right there for you on the taskbar or with the Win+C keyboard shortcut providing assistance alongside all your apps, on all screen sizes at work, school or at home.

— Paint has been enhanced with AI for drawing and digital creation with the addition of background removal and layers as well as a preview of Cocreator that brings the power of generative AI to the Paint app.

— Photos has also been enhanced with AI including new features to make editing your photos a breeze. With Background Blur you can make the subject of your photo stand out quickly and easily. The Photos app automatically finds the background in the photo, and with a single click, instantly highlights your subject and blurs out the background. We’ve improved search, with photos stored in OneDrive (home or personal) accounts, you can now quickly find the photo you’re looking for based on the content of the photo. You can also now find photos based on the location where they were taken.

— Snipping Tool now offers more ways to capture content on your screen – with this update you can now extract specific text content from an image to paste in another application or, you can easily protect your sensitive information with text redaction by using text actions on the post capture screen. And, with the addition of sound capturing using audio and mic support, it’s easier to create compelling videos and content from your screen.

— Clipchamp, now with auto compose, helps you with scenes suggestions, edits and narratives based on your images and footage automatically so you can create and edit videos to share with family, friends, and social media like a pro.

— Notepad will start automatically saving your session state allowing you to close Notepad without any interrupting dialogs and then pick up where you left off when you return. Notepad will automatically restore previously open tabs as well as unsaved content and edits across those open tabs.

— With the new Outlook for Windows, you can connect and coordinate your various accounts (including Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, and more) in one app. Intelligent tools help you write clear, concise emails and seamlessly attach important documents and photos from OneDrive. To learn more, visit this link.

— Modernized File Explorer, we are introducing a modernized File Explorer home, address bar and search box all designed to help you more easily access important and relevant content, stay up to date with file activity and collaborate without even opening a file. Also coming to File Explorer is a new Gallery feature designed to make it easy to access your photo collection.

— New text authoring experiences to voice access and new natural voices in Narrator, continuing our ongoing commitment to making Windows 11 the most accessible version of Windows yet.

— Windows Backup makes moving to a new Windows 11 PC easier than ever. With Windows Backup, transitioning most files, apps and settings from one PC to another, is seamless so everything is right where you left it, exactly how you like it.

— DALL.E 3 model from OpenAI in Bing Image Creator. DALL.E 3 delivers a huge leap forward with more beautiful creations and better renderings for details like fingers and eyes. It also has a better understanding of what you’re asking for, which results in delivering more accurate images. We’re also integrating Microsoft Designer directly into Bing to make editing your creations even easier.

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