Be Careful! Don’t Fall for COVID-19 Scams

By | March 21, 2020
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Be Careful! Don’t Fall for COVID-19 Scams

An Important Reminder to help you stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic!

We received several emails yesterday with the subject line…

“Government Response to Coronavirus COVID-19”  The email (spam) appeared to have come from an organization called  Natural Disasters Monitoring (PAHO).  The “from” address was – which is a fake email address. The email came with a malware attachment that, if opened,  may allow remote access to a PC. It also contained links that led to malware downloads and counterfeit web sites.

So we want to remind you that scammers will use the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to steal your identity, your credit card numbers, your personal information or even take money from your checking or savings account.

Their method of choice will be to send unsolicited emails that appear to come from a legitimate health care provider or a government website. They may try to trick you into clicking a link in an email by tricking you into thinking you will get coronavirus test kits, masks, hand sanitizer or coronavirus cures.  

These emails may also come with attachments which, if opened, may compromise your computer and even allow hackers to access or control your PC.

These emails may offer free or low-cost critical healthcare items or services in exchange for your personal information, credit card numbers, bank account numbers or your Medicare or Social Security Number.

You should view any unsolicited requests for any personal information, or any offers of COVID-19 test kits, masks, hand sanitizer, or cures as fraudulent and dangerous. 

No one has home test kits to send you. No one has face masks to send you. No one is going to send you scarce healthcare items…and no one has a cure for the coronavirus at this time.

If you get any emails such as we describe above, delete the email immediately. NEVER click links in and NEVER open any attachments that come with unsolicited emails.

We want to keep you safe. At this critical time, you must stay calm and informed.  Your common sense and skepticism will help you stay safe during this global pandemic.

As we’ve always told you…



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9 thoughts on “Be Careful! Don’t Fall for COVID-19 Scams

  1. Helen Arano

    Thank you, as always you are taking care of us.
    I for one, am getting a lot of junk mail regarding the Covid 19, not opening any of them.

  2. Gerald (Gerry) Myers

    You two wonderful gurus are and have done in the past have done so much to give guidance to those ( me included) , help and hope. Your assistance with matters of the computer are , I know looked forward and treasured by those who do not have any technical knowledge. ( me again).
    From here in England I send you my very sincere thanks and at 90 years old pray that the horror of the Coronavirus does not reach out to me and I will make it to100. At least I do know that Baby my little budgie will be spared from this horror.
    Thanks again, and if I could swim that far I would come over to shake your hands.
    Sincere wishes and be safe,
    Gerry .

  3. Shirley

    Thank you so much for the warning. You always look out for us, especially us senior citizens, of which I am one, 81 of years young. Both you, take good care of yourselves and stay healthy. God Bless You


  4. Maggie

    T.C. Thank you once again for your attentiveness and good solid advice. Always so good to know that somebody has your back. Take care yourself as what would we do without you have a great day and always know that we owe you a lot more than you owe us.
    As always,
    kindest regards,

  5. Kenneth Davis

    Thank you for the warning and also that information you send. And, please safe yourselves in this unreal environment we all face in the world at present. Ken


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