Cloudeight InfoAve Weekly – Issue #858 – Available Online

By | March 20, 2020
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Cloudeight InfoAve Weekly – Issue #858 – Available Online

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You can read Cloudeight InfoAve Weekly – Issue #858 – March 20, 2020, here.

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Our Cloudeight InfoAve Weekly Home Page features the most recent issues of InfoAve Weekly. Currently, on our InfoAve Weekly Home Page, you’ll find Issues #847 through #858.

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One thought on “Cloudeight InfoAve Weekly – Issue #858 – Available Online

  1. les Hawkins

    In issue 858 you posted a “how to” on backing up files.
    I purchased a HP external HD and connected it to my computer
    I selected “settings” – backup & Ok but my screen does not show “Add external HD”, so I just gave up.
    When connecting the external HD does the computer automatically recognise it? or do I need to take some other action?
    Thanks for your informative newsletter which I have been receiving since you commenced
    Warmest regards


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