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By | July 31, 2011
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There are many good online dictionaries. The problem with the big two ( and Merriam-Webster) is they’re so full of ads and clutter that words don’t seem to be the focus. But a dictionary should be all about words, right?

Unlike other online dictionaries, Wordnik gives you definitions and in-context examples so you can see exactly what the word means and exactly how the word is used. So you’ll not only learn the definition of the word, but you’ll learn how to use it too.

The creators of Wordnik sum it up best:

“What is Wordnik?

Wordnik is all the words, and everything about them. We believe that people understand words best when they can see them in real-world context, so here are some real-world examples for “Wordnik”:

Wordnik is based on the principle that people learn words best by seeing them in context…”

Indeed! If you’re looking for the best online dictionary of all, visit and see what you think. We think you’ll think it’s great.

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