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By | July 31, 2011
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Do you need a logo? You probably don’t, but maybe if you think about it, you could make a logo of your nickname, or your real name, or anything. How about a logo for your dog? Your cat? Your pet cactus plant, Brutus? You don’t need to have a company to have a logo – logos are nothing more than a word or words turned into a graphic – yes if you want you can add a little spice to it, but many logos are just words – Coca-Cola for example.

Anyway, if you need or want to create a quick logo, we’re going to tell you where you can create one and pay exactly nothing. That’s right – it’s free and it’s fun. All you need is an email and an eye for design. Everyone has an eye for design, right?

Beneath this text you’ll seem some logos we put together to show you what you can do with LogoEase – the cloud-base logo-making site you can use to create logos for anything and every thing for free.

Visit and make a logo for your dog Jake, or your cat Jennifer, or even your husband John or your wife Jane. Just go there and play around with all the settings and you’ll have a logo for whatever you need a logo for, in just a few minutes. Have fun!

2 thoughts on “Free logos for you!

  1. John Hatchard

    Not worth spending time with. The images offered are tatty. There are better ideas available in any clipart folder if you wish to make up your own logo. Sorry to say this site is a dud.


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