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What’s going on with Malwarebytes?

We’ve recently become aware that Malwarebytes no longer detects at least two of the most ubiquitous malware products (politely known to us as PUPs — Potentially Unwanted Programs), those two being Ask Toolbar and Conduit. We’re not saying there’s anything wrong with Malwarebytes, we still recommend it. We’re just concerned that this may become a slippery slope. Malwarebytes… Read More »

Our new Cloudeight Direct malware removal service

INTRODUCTORY OFFER: COMPLETE MALWARE REMOVAL FOR JUST $25! Get more information and/or Order your keys here. Malware is ubiquitous! In our experience with customers, we have found that over 95% of computers are infected with malware. Malware toolbars like Ask, Conduit, Scopes, and many others are not detected by antimalware, yet when these toolbars take root in your browser… Read More »