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Lawsuit: Sprint charged US gov’t $21 million too much for spying expenses

Lawsuit: Sprint charged US gov’t $21 million too much for spying expenses US files suit against Sprint, says carrier’s surveillance fees too high. The US government today filed suit against Sprint, alleging that the company overcharged government agencies when submitting expense reimbursement requests for wiretap operations that spied on Sprint customers. Sprint “knowingly submitted false claims to federal… Read More »

Wanna Buy a Gun? It’s Easy I Tells Ya! Shop on Facebook!

From VentureBeat comes this article, which makes me wonder what on Earth is going on! The world’s sure gone crazy! “There’s something happening here / What it is ain’t exactly clear…” (Buffalo Springfield, “For What It’s Worth”) Buying a gun on Facebook takes 15 minutes Fifteen minutes. That’s all it takes for children, felons, and people without IDs… Read More »

New Virus Spreads Like The Common Cold – Via WiFi

Normally, only rich folks read “Forbes” and I am not one of them. So it was pure serendipity that I happened to stumble upon this “Forbes” article this morning. You knew something like this was coming. There’s always someone out there figuring out a way to ruin a good thing: Wi-Fi is a good thing, right? This is… Read More »

Controlling and Manipulating the Internet: Our Governments At Work

I was always taught that two wrongs don’t make a right. I still believe that. But when governments and law enforcement agencies are allowed to lie, cheat, deceive, ruin reputations, and otherwise violate the rights of private citizens, shouldn’t we all be concerned. It’s hard enough to find the truth on the Internet today… when you search a… Read More »