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You don’t care about Net Neutrality – but you should

Most of you have heard the term “Net Neutrality”, but from what we can see, not many of your care. But you should. If the big Internet providers get there way, what you see, hear, and read on the Internet will be forever changed. Those who can afford to pay to use the Internet “Fast Lanes” will have… Read More »

Is Microsoft Finally Listening to You?

We have said over and over and over again, regardless of your personal feelings about Windows 8, that Microsoft needs to change their strategy and realize they are no longer in a position to dictate to users and force upon them whatever Microsoft wants.  Google’s stock and products are soaring, Apple is holding its own and still an… Read More »

Will Microsoft stick to its April 8 deadline?

Somewhere between 25% and 40% of all Windows computers are still running Windows XP, and a big percentage of these are large corporations and smaller businesses for whom Windows 8 is anathema because of its obvious leanings toward touch screen computers. Some think Windows 8 was designed to appeal to younger people whose primary reasons for using computers… Read More »

One Sweet Battery

A Sugar-Powered Smartphone? Sweet! A more efficient, sugar-powered battery developed by a team at Virginia Tech could help move the technology out of the lab and into your favorite gadget. Your phone might have to start counting calories. A Virginia Tech research team unveiled a new sugar-powered battery Tuesday that could replace conventional batteries in cell phones and… Read More »

Even Microsoft Employees Get Phished

Even Microsoft employees – who should no better – fall for phishing scams. It appears that a group of miscreants known as the Syrian Electronic Army fooled some Microsoft employees into giving up their Microsoft email account credentials thus allowing access into the bowels of Microsoft. (Yuck!). Anyway, you really need to be careful not to fall for… Read More »