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Microsoft Flips Us the Bird: Set to Introduce New Offensive Emojis

Microsoft Windows 10 Leak Reveals New Offensive Emojis Article from Forbes Technology Have you heard? Microsoft Microsoft has its mojo back. UnderSatya Nadella the company is now radical, cool and determined to take risks. Apparently even with its emoji… This news comes from the wonderfully dedicated Emojipedia Blog. This site, which digs through all major operating systems for new… Read More »

Say Farewell to Windows Media Center

Say Farewell to Windows Media Center When Windows 8 was first introduced, ,Microsoft wanted you to pay for Windows Media Center, but that didn’t work out so well.  Microsoft later acquiesced to the outcry from Media Center fans and begrudgingly offered a Media Center add-on for Windows 8. Now it looks like the official death of Windows Media Center… Read More »

The Lawnmower Incident

The Lawnmower Incident Every day we fix computers. And when we’re not fixing computers, we’re working on tips and tricks for computers. Almost every day is spent working on or with computers. So,  to us computers are pretty simple devices, which can get annoying -but  we don’t look at them as complicated, frustrating, mysterious devices. However we know… Read More »