CCleaner Does it Again

By | August 1, 2018
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CCleaner Does it Again

Ever since Avast purchased CCleaner it’s been a comedy of errors in a way. Avast (now owners of AVG) is a company that you’re supposed to trust to keep you save from viruses, malware, ransomware, and other privacy-stealing garbage that tries to worm its way onto your computer. We’ve been skeptical of Avast for a long time now – we don’t like their underhanded way of getting software, other than the intended Avast security software, installed on people’s computers. Especially the worthless Avast/AVG tune-up program and a questionable VPN to name a couple. And even if the programs were worthy the underhanded methods a supposed security computer uses to goad users into installing their other programs is reprehensible. People install AVG/AVAST because its free and because its supposed to protect their computers from malware and PUPs – not install more on their computers.

So it comes as no surprise that CCleaner has been trying to find new ways of generating revenue by collecting valuable data from its users so they can actually say you don’t have to pay for it, while you’re paying for it with more than money.

Please read this article from Ghacks… and you’ll see what Avast/AVG/CCleaner are up to:

Dont install or upgrade to CCleaner 5.45

Piriform/Avast released CCleaner 5.45 recently to the public that Windows users may not want to install or upgrade to.

The changelog of the new release highlights the change in euphemistic terms: “Added more detailed reporting for bug fixes and product improvements”. The company added privacy options to CCleaner in May and stated back then that it collected only anonymous data from free users and did not display the options to free users because of that.

CCleaner users who run the new release may notice two changes immediately: It is nearly impossible to disable the monitoring part of CCleaner (Active Monitoring), and there are not any privacy settings anymore in the free version of the program…  Read the rest of this article here.

This is not the first time there’s been a problem with CCleaner since AVAST/AVG acquired it. Read this article and this one for more CCleaner/Avast shenanigans.

3 thoughts on “CCleaner Does it Again

  1. Helen Arano

    We are so lucky to have you guys to keep us on our toes and safe.
    Thank you,
    Helen A.

  2. JohnInOz

    Hi TC & Eb,
    I have told many people, family, friends, neighbours, even people for whom I have solved computer problems (assisted by InfoAve) that CCleaner/Avast?Avg are next to useless, to put it bluntly.
    Privazer beats CCleaner hands down in an HONEST way, and it is free … easy to use and step by step assistance clearly written.
    Emsisoft from Cloudeight is value for money …. due to an honest team, has also been pushed to the above people.

    Great Article, thank to you and Martin Brinkman.


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