Check Your Router to Make Sure It’s Hacker-free

By | February 20, 2018
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Check Your Router to Make Sure It’s Hacker-free

You’re doing everything right – using good security software,  a strong Wi-Fi network password so you’re safe, right. Well, probably. Hackers are nothing if not innovative and they can break into a router using what’s known as DNS-hijacking.  And if your router is compromised, so are all the devices connected by it. And let’s be honest – the chances that your router has been compromised are really quite slim.  But, since it takes only a few seconds to make sure, we’re going to provide you with a link to a web site where you can check your router to be sure it hasn’t been hijacked.

Before we do that, again we want to make sure you understand that it is very unlikely your router has been compromised  – our motto is always to present things in a honest, non-scary way. We don’t like tech sites that scare people in order to get viewers / readers.

So take a few seconds and make sure your router is clean and uncompromised; we’re pretty sure you’ll find that is .

Check your router by going this site and clicking the “Check your router” button.

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11 thoughts on “Check Your Router to Make Sure It’s Hacker-free

  1. Jancie M

    Ditto DITTO, Yvonne! (I often wondered if there was some sort of “protection” built into routers, but now I know better!) Oh, thanks Darcy for that new router recommend…am hoping to hook it up tomorrow!)

  2. Judy

    Thanks so much! No issues for me. My mind is at rest on this issue.
    Love you two and what you do for us.

  3. Susan

    No issues for me either….and it was fast!!!

    One questions though…why does it say US for country code, registered Country code and a couple of others.
    Is it because my router is American made even though I bought it in Canada and live in Canada



    Mine said the check was “incomplete” thought it said everything seemed fine. It wanted me to continue on to other links which I was not comfortable doing. 🙁

  5. Betty

    Mine said “Everything appears to be fine, but the check was incomplete”

    1. infoave Post author

      Good time to write the company and find out why you got that message.

  6. Annabelle

    Don’t know how you find these things but sure happy you do ! Mine is OK, so I am happy and thankful.

  7. Ramona

    Thank you both for yet another great checker to keep us all safe and secure. Have a great and happy day.


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