Chrome: About Stuff

By | September 4, 2016
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Chrome: About Stuff

Chrome has a lot of useful About Stuff. You can get to it by typing either About: or Chrome with a simple command after it

About://flags is the same as Chrome://flags…got it? But you don’t even need to type the slashes, About:Flags or Chrome:Flags works and saves you keystrokes if you’re lazy. So to use these commands just type them in Chrome’s address bar and press enter. You can type a command any of three ways. For example: About:Chrome, Chrome:Chrome or Chrome://chrome .

Here is a list of just a few of the many useful Chrome About Stuff:

about:flags ( chrome:flags)

View and enable some of the experimental features hidden in Chrome. CAUTION! CAUTION! As noted on this page, these are experimental features and might break chrome leaving it broken or useless. You enable these features at your own risk.

about:dns (chrome:dns)

Shows you a list of URLs that Google Chrome will prefetch to make browsing speedier.

about:externsions (chrome:extensions)

Displays a list of installed extensions in your copy of Chrome

about:downloads (chrome:downloads)

Displays recently downloaded files – you can do the same thing with the keyboard shortcut CTR+J

about:plugins (chrome:plugins)

Displays all your Chromes plugins and lets you disable or enable any plugins you have installed. Also, lets you check for multiple instances of Adobe Flash Player which is a major cause of Chrome crashes when using sites heavy with Flash.

about:bookmarks (chrome: bookmarks)

Displays your Chrome bookmarks – you can do the same thing with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+O

about:memory (chrome:memory)

This command displays the memory used by Chrome and all other browsers running on the system (including Firefox).
This also displays all the process related to browser with their PID, process name, and the amount of memory used.

about:net-internals (chrome:net-internals)

This displays all networking related information. Use this to capture network events generated by the browser. You can also export this data. You can view DNS host resolver cache.

about:quota-internals (chrome:quota-internals)

Shows you stuff about disk usage of chrome including a break down of the space used by individual websites in temporary files

about:sessions (chrome:sessions)

Shows you how many chrome sessions (instances) are running, and it is probably more than you think 🙂

about:settings (chrome:settings)

Takes you to the Chrome settings – as if you clicked the settings icon shown at the upper right corner of Chrome.

about:cache (chrome:cache)

Shows your Chrome cache and lets you browse through it.

Cloudeight InfoAve

about:credits (chrome:credits)

The people and foundations and resources credited by Google for things that went into creating the Chrome browsers. You might be surprised how much stuff is here.

about:chrome (chrome:chrome)

Tells you the version number of Chrome and lets you know if you’re using an updated version.

Hope you as much fun with these as we did! What, EB? You didn’t have fun? Big Surprise! You never have fun!

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