Clean your computer, cut boot-up times, and increase performance – with this Cloudeight freeware pick

By | July 23, 2011
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I keep telling EB that good things come in small packages, but she doesn’t believe me. Like when I sent her a Baby Ruth candy bar for Christmas, I packed it up in a small box and shipped it off to her. When she called me to thank me — um I mean scold me – she called me a cheapskate and about 100 expletives which I can’t repeat here. So for her birthday I’m sending her a box of rubber bands wrapped in a big box that my stove came in. I will stuff it full of old newspapers and Styrofoam peanuts and ship it off UPS. At least she’ll be thrilled to see such a huge box. This proves that bad things come in big packages. And if that is true, the converse is true as well.

Anyway, when she opens that big box, she’ll be really excited until she gets to the gift at the bottom. After I’ve shipped off that big package, I’m going to call Verizon and have them change my number and I’m going to change all my email addresses too. Heck! I’m going to move to Manaus and live in the Amazon where she can’t track me down. She will be angry. Really angry.

What does all this have to do with our freeware pick? You’re probably thinking “nothing”. But again you’d be wrong. Our freeware pick is one of the nicest programs we’ve ever reviewed and one of the best programs we’ve found to speed up your computer’s boot up and shutdown times.

But it’s not only a program that can speed up your Windows startup and shutdown times, it’s one of the sharpest system cleaners and disk defragmenters we’ve ever stumbled upon. DiskMax digs deep into your computer and removes useless or unnecessary files that other cleanup programs only dream about cleaning, like junk left over from Windows updates, browser caches from all major browsers (Chrome, IE, Opera, Firefox, Safari), and many more. It cleans so deeply it’s like pouring a bottle of Mr. Clean into your computer and letting it sluice through the innards until they’re sparkling clean and tidy. Just think of that image and you’ll get the idea how deeply DiskMax digs into the inner sanctum of your computer – whisking away all the dirt and grime leftover by installs, Windows updates, browsing, MS Office files, and so many more.

Cloudeight InfoAve
DiskMax deep cleaning my computer

We do offer one caveat: This program has safe settings and advanced settings. When it warns you to read the help files before proceeding that’s what you need to do. If you don’t want to read the help files, then don’t mess with the stuff that says “Make sure you’ve read the help files before proceeding…” OK?

Cloudeight InfoAve
DiskMax at work

The gentleman who created DiskMax is a student, and he’s giving this program away. He could easily sell it for $19.95 or $29.95 because it is worth that much. So a word to the wise – altruism only lasts so long. We cannot guarantee it will be free in month, let alone a year. So if you want one of the best freeware programs we’ve ever reviewed, you’ll want to download this one right away.

Here’s the developer’s description of DiskMax:

“Do you know why your computer no longer feels as fast as it did when you first got it? That is because of the accumulation of junk files and other data on your system coupled with inefficient layout of important files.

DiskMax is a powerful disk cleanup and Windows performance optimization application. Download and run it just once – the difference will be instantly noticeable. Your system will be peppier, applications will launch faster, files will open quicker, games will run better, and you will be much happier for it. Running DiskMax from time to time is recommended to keep your system in shape.

Even if you are an advanced user, DiskMax will be useful to you since it automates all the tasks required to keep your system clean and fast, leaving you to enjoy the whole new experience…

Feature List

Automates emptying your recycle bin (if specified), cleaning up of installation remnants, and debugging information.

Cleans up every user’s History, Temp, Temporary Internet Files, Cookies (if specified), Recently opened documents list, explorer thumbnail cache and windows error reporting logs.

Clears out Windows cache, unused legacy cursors (on Vista, if specified), debugging info, internet logs, help center caches, repair information, DLL caches, Logs, temporary files and windows update roll-back files.

Cleans up after Vista SP1/SP2 install and Windows 7 SP1 install (if specified).

Removes registry entries for multiple Most Recently Used lists.

Clears out Windows event logs (no other application out there does this).

Gives you the option to deep scan your hard-disk to remove all files of type log, old, prv, chk, swp, bak, gid, wbk, tmp and dmp. This is only intended for advanced users.

Rearranges files around so that they can be accessed faster…”

Cloudeight InfoAve
DiskMax Report

This is a one-of-a-kind program and amazingly it’s free. And amazingly it’s all packed in a very small 1MB download. So see? It’s true, good things, great things often come in small packages. And DiskMax is one of those small packages that contains a really great thing! Learn more about and/or download DiskMax from here.

The particulars:

DiskMax works witih Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32bit and 64bit). It’s a computer performance enhancer, disk cleaner, defragger, and more. Download size is about 1 Megabyte

15 thoughts on “Clean your computer, cut boot-up times, and increase performance – with this Cloudeight freeware pick

    1. infoave Post author

      It most certainly is free. It’s always been free. Please be careful where you click.

  1. Rita

    Yes it is free. I just downloaded it and am now scanning my computer. You can donate but you don’t have to.

  2. Judy Howard

    So where do I down load this from? I don’t see anything that says free down load, only on the right hand side of this site.

      1. Gerry

        That looks like a trick to me. Where else do I have to go to download for free?

        1. infoave Post author

          You can google it if you want. The picture shows where we downloaded it from – 4 times from 4 different computers. And there is no trick. If you had read the information on the site you’d have learn more about the program’s author. No one is forcing you to download it. It’s good to be careful; it’s not good to be paranoid.

  3. Sandra Corbin

    Disk Max 4 sounds great. Is it as good as Glary Utilities? Both are FREE, but I wouldn’t think anyone would want to use both. So, if it’s “either or” which is the best?

    1. infoave Post author

      Never been very impressed with Glary Utilities – DiskMax is far better.

  4. Shari

    Hello again. Managed to download DiskMax after a fashion, but under the red word “New”, there are Help files which need to be downloaded separately, and when clicked, the message was, “Navigation to the webpage was canceled”. Now what!? Have written to Mr. Koshy as well with this question, but hope you can help me first. Also, these Help files are “chm” files (?) which evidently need to be “unlocked” before they can be viewed. How does one do this please?

    Thank you.

    1. infoave Post author

      I’ve never had to “Unlock” Windows Help Files – nor do I see any reason why anyone would need to read them to benefit from DiskMax. The program is pretty simple – and warnings are displayed when a users is about to do something that may have unexpected consequences. The warnings are few – but clearly displayed. He gives instruction on his help section how to unlock the files – if you choose to download the files. I wouldn’t think you’d need them.

  5. Ron Lewis

    Respectfully, truly this is one of the best
    cleaners i have used. However, i am troubled
    by not seeing what is being deleted, and that
    it automatically takes control of my other
    installed D: hard drive. I spent a lot of
    time in reading the help sections without any

    I suggest that the Author work on these issues
    and resolve these very important issues, then,
    he may well have a program worthy of making
    money. Thank you.

    P.S. Before i installed the program, i
    created a restore point; and have since
    uninstalled it. Lastly, how does one know for sure that the program is not copying everything on our hard drive[s]?

    1. infoave Post author

      Why would a cleaner program copy everything on the hard drive? Not only would that be counter-productive, it would take a long, long time; it would be senseless. Where do you think the program is copying everything on he hard drive to?

      It doesn’t seem to me you checked the options in the program – the options menu allows you to change or add what the program does and does not do. Please read the help files read what the program does – and does not do. Also, check out the program’s options.

  6. DiggerP

    Hi, let me put in my 2 cts 😉
    First of all I thank InfoAve for pointing us to this program.My comments on DiskMax are not meant to condemn this utility, but I’m afraid ,I have to agree with the previous commenter ,Ron Lewis, that it has some undesirable traits that I can’t live with.
    It automatically scans all drives and partitions and performs cleaning there, but there is nowhere to set it to contain itself to a particular drive or partition.
    There is no options panel.Yes ,there are limited options,
    but it follows a set routine dependent upon the profile that’s selected and for some actions you can either approve or deny the cleaning for that particular entry.
    Unlike most people ,I read everything and since I’m a freeware junkie ;), I’ve tested thousands of apps and for me ,this is not a keeper . It may well be for others.
    For my “money” ,I prefer eg CCleaner.Drives/partitions can be selected,each area can be selected beforehand and unticked if so desired.It will then analyze and show the entries ,which again can be selectively saved or deleted.
    none of which is available in DisMax.
    I know the typical argument:Nobody tells you to use it, which is true, so I subsequently un-installed it 😉
    While it has its merits ,it’s just not for me 🙂

  7. infoave Post author

    CCleaner is a so-so cleaning application with a terrible – even dangerous so-called “registry cleaner”. We wouldn’t recommend CC Cleaner to anyone. There are actually quite few advanced options to DiskMax, I’m surprised you missed them.

    I just want to warn away anyone who reads your comment about CCleaner being “safe”. It is not, in any way, safe if someone uses the registry cleaner.

    CCleaner is highly overrated and gushed over by freeware sites, but not here. If anyone chooses to use CCleaner they are advised to use extreme caution with its registry cleaner.

    Thanks for your comments.


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