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By | July 23, 2011
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We’d like to thank Donna, one of our InfoAve Premium subscribers, for sending us this Web site suggestion.

We’re big fans of image-based backups (hard drive clones) – they’re the only backups that really save all your data and allow you to restore your computer completely – quickly and easily. But that’s not to say there isn’t a place for file-by-file backups. There are times when you might need to access a file that you’ve accidentally deleted or heaven knows what else caused it to disappear, and you don’t really want to do an entire restore from an image-based backup to recover those three pictures of that Diluvian Cactus you were so intrigued with. Those were award-winning photos – and you know it. You’ve been saving them for years waiting for a cactus-photo contest to start so you could enter and win the big prize. But now they’re gone. You don’t know where. You’re sure your image-based backup has them but restoring from an image-based backup seems a bit of overkill for three pictures of a cactus. And yes, your image-based backup does allow you to extract individual files, but well, you wish you would have kept another backup somewhere, just so you could get those cactus pictures fast. Because starting today, a cactus-photo contest has started and you want that $10,000.00 first prize.

So sometimes a file-by-file backup is convenient, but it doesn’t replace or supercede the need for a good image-based backup.

All of this leads up to Digital Lifeboat. It’s a new cloud-based backup service that allows you backup your files to a Web server where they’ll be kept safe and secure (as long as you have a strong password) for you. And what’s really unique about Digital Lifeboat is that right now during their beta-testing phase, they’re offering everyone unlimited (that’s right – unlimited) backup space. So if you have 200GBs of stuff you need to backup – and you have a high-speed Internet connection – you should take a look at Digital Lifeboat. We don’t know how long the beta-testing phase will last, so now is the time to take advantage of this really great opportunity. Anyone who signs up during the beta-testing phase will have unlimited backup space for life. Pretty good deal!

We signed up for Digital Lifeboat and this is the letter we received from them. Note we’ve removed the links since the links are specific to this one computer. You can sign up with Digital Lifeboat and get your own letter :-).

“Thank you for trusting Digital Lifeboat to protect your digital photos, music, video and other important computer files on your pc.

We are already working hard to backup all your digital treasures in our advanced and secure system. Our system automatically backs up all your photos, files, music and videos in your user directory. If you would like to protect photos, music, videos and documents which are stored in a location other than the user directories, click here to learn how. If you would like to learn how to both include and exclude files to backup and protect, click here.

We begin by backing up smaller files, and move towards your larger files. The amount of time it takes to back up your files will be determined by how much data you have, the speed of your internet connection, and the amount of time you are online. Help us help you! Please keep your PC turned on and connected to the internet as much as possible.

You will receive emails as we pass 25%, 50% and 75% completion of the backup. You can also go to the Digital Lifeboat Tray Application on your Desktop and click it to see your status, pause our service, and visit Your Account on our website.

To reach the Digital Lifeboat Support Team, click here.

Thanks again for choosing Digital Lifeboat! “

An awesome opportunity to receive unlimited space for your backups is available to you right now – today. Who knows how long this offer will last. All we can tell you is that this is a good deal. If you’re interested in getting unlimited cloud-storage for your backups, now is the time to visit www.digitallifeboat.com .

Thanks for sending us this information Donna. I thank you, EB thanks you, and hundreds of readers thank you – especially the lady with the cactus pictures. Oh, I don’t know, I think her name is Madelyn. Or was it Melinda?

5 thoughts on “Unlimited online backups – free (for now)…

  1. Charlie Burkhart

    Re Digital Lifeboat:

    I have a 1.5 MPS DSL connection. When Digital Lifeboat is running, my internet experience slows to a crawl and sometimes practically stops. If I pause Digital Lifeboat, the internet surfing speed picks up to normal again. I have had Digital Lifeboat installed for a week. It’s a real downer to have to pause it each time I want to use the internet for other things.

    The program also creates a file on the C: drive called LifeBoat Storage. What is that for? Am I storing other people’s files on my computer?

    Also, installation added its own Power Plan to the Power Setting Menu and set itself as the default….without any warning that it was doing so. I have also noticed that my computer will no longer sleep at my three hour setting…I presume because Digital Lifeboat is running 24/7.

    In general, this doesn’t look like the type of software that CloudEight usually recommends.

    Charlie B

    1. infoave Post author

      As noted in our review – this is beta software. They’re giving you unlimited space for your help in working out bugs and issues with the program. If you have a comment, question, or suggestion, visit Digitallifeboat and click on the contact link.

    2. Richard

      This is a peer-to-peer backup system. You are storing others files on your hard drive and they are storing your files on theirs.

      1. infoave Post author

        You are not storing anyone else’s files on your hard drive. Digital Lifeboat is not a peer-to-peer file sharing program. It stores your files in encrypted form on several servers – in pieces – and only your password can put them back together again. No one else’s files but yours are stored on your hard drive.

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