Cloudeight Freeware Pick 3/07/2011

By | March 7, 2011
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BB FlashBack Express
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32bit and 64bit)
Screen Recorder – Video Maker
File size: 7.1 MB

OK folks. Today’s freeware allows you to record any activity on your screen. According to EB, I could leave this screen recorder on for 24 hours and there would be no activity on my screen. But this is much better than the screen recordings of EB’s Web Cam showing her painting her toenails “Funeral Black”. I never understood why any woman would want black toenails. If I wanted mine black, I would just spend an afternoon stomping around in wet peat moss.

Seriously, there are many reasons why you’d want to make a video recording of your screen. You can create a little video and show a friend how to do something really cool on your computer – like say, flipping your screen upside down. Or something really useful like how to configure an antivirus program correctly, or how to use stationery, or how get rid of all those unnecessary startup programs. You can pass along some of our tips to your friends and show them what a computer geek you are.

Blueberry Software’s FlashBack Express isn’t just another screen recording program, it’s a lot more versatile than that. Besides, really good screen recording software isn’t normally freeware.

What does FlashBack Express do? We’re glad you asked that because the program’s developers have a lot to say about their program and that means my screen activity will now cease because copy/pasting doesn’t take much brainpower or create much screen activity. See? Sometimes EB is right! But those Funeral Black toenails? Yuck!

Enough of the chicanery. On with the show. BB Flashback Express’ developers are now taking center stage:

— Record your screen, sound and webcam

— Share movies with one-click upload to YouTube and other video sharing sites

— Save movies as Flash or AVI files

Record Everything

— Record a commentary or PC sounds while recording the screen.
— Record a window, region or full screen. BB FlashBack Express free screen recorder has an easy to use interface that makes it a breeze.
— Review your recording frame by frame with the movie player.

Screencast Sharing: The BB FlashBack Express free screen recorder has one-click upload to YouTube,, Viddler and Revver. Share your movie by sending a URL or embed it in a webpage.

Flexible Publishing: Save recordings in Flash or AVI formats with full control over file size and quality. Customizable, media-player style playback controls in Flash exports.

Webcam Recording: Give your presentations the personal touch with picture-in-picture webcam video. The BB FlashBack Express free screen recorder records from your webcam while it records your screen. Easy…”

FlashBack Express does a lot more too. If you’re interested in making screen recordings quickly and easily, then FlashBack Express is for you. Its feature-set is the best we’ve ever seen in free screen recorder, surpassing those of many expensive screen recording programs.

Note: BB FlashBack Express if free. It doesn’t install or attempt to install any toolbars or anything else. It makes no changes to your home page, your browser settings or your choice of search engine. It does require registration within 30 days of installation but registration is free and simple.

To learn more about and/or download this week’s Freeware Pick of the Week – visit Blueberry Software’s FlashBack Express home page.

Ladies, if you’re going to be buying nail polish, please don’t buy “Funeral Black”.

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