Come on! Tell Us Your Favorite Fun Sites!

By | November 4, 2017
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Come on! Tell Us Your Favorite Fun Sites!

In Issue #734 of InfoAve Premium, we received a suggestion from Sandy and we asked our readers what they thought.

Here’s what Sandy wrote followed by our answer:

Sandy makes a suggestion and we’re going to let our readers answer
I can only guess that a lot of your customer’s are older or retired and enjoy learning new things on the computer or perhaps have a lot of time on their hands and enjoy playing games and see entertaining things on the Internet, but are to scared to search around because of virus, malware, etc. So maybe a section could be devoted to ” Fun or Entertainment Site of The Week”. Perhaps things like safe Game sites, Cooking Sites, Shopping for best deals, etc., etc., might be fun for a change of pace.

Thank you for all that you continue to do for all of us. Sandy

Our answer
Hi Sandy. It sounds like a great idea to us, What about it, readers? What do you think of Sandy’s idea? Please let us know. Would you like this to be an occasional feature in our newsletters?

Thanks so much for your kind words and for your suggestion, Sandy!

OK! We got it. You love this idea! We received hundreds and hundreds of emails and every one of them were in favor of Sandy’s idea. You cut us to the quick. We’re asking for your help. Tell us, by leaving a comment below, your favorite fun sites, recipe sites, entertainment sites, and game sites you like.

We sure would appreciate you sharing your favorite fun sites with us; it will make this new feature of our InfoAve Premium newsletter GREAT!

Please tell us your favorite fun sites by leaving a comment. Make as many suggestions as you want – don’t be shy!


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38 thoughts on “Come on! Tell Us Your Favorite Fun Sites!

  1. Nancy A Williams

    Hi there! My favorite game place is I love the World Class Solitaire game, Word Whomp, etc. Happy playing. Nancy

  2. Charlyne Craver

    Both of these sites are free. has more than 65 different solitaire games. Lots of fun for everyone. where you can choose pets and do all kinds of fun things and it doesn’t hurt your brain a bit.

  3. Lili

    One site that robs me of MANY hours is PINTEREST!!!!
    There are so many interesting pictures, tutorials, art, crafts, cooking, fashion, fonts, gardening ideas, seasonal decor, travel places, etc…etc…. that one can lose themselves for hours on end.
    Just click on something of interest, scroll down and there are many more related subjects. It’s insane!!!
    So much fun….. πŸ™‚ ~ however, my housework consequently gets neglected….. πŸ™ !!!!!

    Just Google Pinterest and delve right into there!. Have fun!!!!

  4. Sherry Its filled with coupons, deals from hundreds of stores, recipes- its just a fun site. hip2save will save you so much money. I’m so glad I found it!

      1. Sherry

        Isn’t it a cool site? I subscribe to their newsletters which are awesome.

  5. Anthony Tonda

    I have enough time and trouble looking for games and the like. I already have everything I need or want to keep me busy on my computer in the form of games and commitments, and don’t have time to look for games or other things that is going to waste/take my spare time. I go out and enjoy life with my Wife and therapy dog.

    So will leave this idea to those who enjoy wasting their time from the people they love.

    1. Evelyn rose

      Good for you Anthony, but don’t forget there are plenty of older people who live on their own, perhaps after losing a partner, and having things to do on their computer passes the time when they are feeling a bit lonely.

      1. connie tyler

        Hi Anthony, I never consider time wasted if someone is doing something that gives them pleasure.

        1. carol Knapton

          I agree with Connie and Evelyn. Many of us are not fortunate enough to have a partner or a dog to keep us company during many lonely hours.

    1. connie tyler

      TY Cindy for posting these sites. I love jigzone where you can make your own puzzles and share them on Facebook, etc. Now I’ll save the other two you posted and check them out.

      1. Susan G Armstrong

        I like free jigsaws so much better than the ones mentioned in these posts. Hope you all check it out. Pieces anywhere from a few up to over 500 and simple to use. An excellent site!

  6. Sandi B

    This is a great idea, for games, shopping, cooking
    social media, etc.
    See my favorite online game site below… and fun for
    all types of games, play online, or buy.

  7. Sue Young

    Good Morning This is a great idea I love to play games on They will let you play free on their site or they have a section called Club Pogo that you can pay a subscription to and there will be no ads to bother you.
    I also like a site called I spend hours on that site looking at all the different recipes
    Then there is my Paint Shop Pro I love to play with that. There are groups of folks from all over the world that are members of groups and we make what we call tags and play with them and socialize in the groups we belong to. The group that I like is called Awesome Creations and Friends on Aimoo

  8. Connie Tyler

    I love All kinds of neat games for free and if you have a Facebook account, you can sign in from your account. Slingo does use adobe flash and you do have to click on the icon in the taskbar to allow it to run.

  9. Sandy

    I am looking for a good Spot the Difference game and a good hidden object’s game. Any suggestions?

  10. Don Barness

    I’m a reader; I really enjoy reading many cartoons. So my favorite site is

  11. Kristine

    the “Free Rice” game has many different categories to select from. You can join and register your progress, or just play. Every correct answer, so many kernels of rice is donated to hungry people. It’s helping, learning and fun!

  12. Margaret Wright

    One of my favorite places is YoWorld. It’s a social world where you buy homes, furnish them, buy clothing, and facial features for your big-headed avatar. It used to be owned by Zynga, but they sold it to Big Viking Games in Toronto Canada. I spend a lot of time there and enjoy the social and housekeeping fun of the place. You have a job in YoWorld, a nightclub, a place to eat, and many friends and neighbors. Give it a try; I know you’ll like it.

  13. Holly H Cohen

    My favorite ‘fun’ site is Pinterest, it has everything. For me I love the ART things and photo’s of lovely places. If you sign in for it they send you things that INTEREST you personally every day. I love it!

  14. Susan G Armstrong

    I am an avid online jigsaw puzzle lover. The best site I’ve found is called Many many different puzzles contributed by many people – everything from a few pieces to over 500! I do exclusively puzzles over 400 pieces. There is only thing I don’t care for and that is that pieces have to be moved out of the way individually rather than being able to cover a group of pieces and move them.
    They have said that they will be working on this. And I think the more suggestions they get from puzzlers, the more likely and the faster they will add this feature. Despite this one thing, it’s the best I’ve found!!


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