Do you have a tablet computer; do you plan on buying one?

By | February 23, 2014
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Tablet computers are all the rage, they now outsell PCs. In today’s poll we’d like to know how many of you have, or plan to buy a table computer within the next six months.

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23 thoughts on “Do you have a tablet computer; do you plan on buying one?

  1. Ozark Mtn Nana

    I love my tablet for its mobility. Take to the doctors office so I can access my calendar. Keep grocery lists on it and take to the store with me.
    The screen on a Smart Phone is too small for these old eyes. The pictures the grandkids send to my iPad are even easier to view than on my Desk top. Still love my desktop for anything that requires a lot of typing but I understand one can get a full size keyboard for the tablets now.
    I’ve been wondering when Cloudeight was going to get around to recognizing Tablets.

  2. Ken D.

    I have just bought myself a Surface Pro 2. My reason for a Pro 2, was portability, and to be able to work anywhere if desired, a great way to learn and adapt to Windows 8.1 before giving away Windows 7 and downloading the new Windows 8.1 to my PC which I like. My PC with Windows 7, has never once let me down or failed at any stage, probably due to making sure Antivirus and Anti- Malware programs always up to date, and lastly, I always follow the Golden rule. “Think before you Click.”
    The Surface Pro 2 with 8.1 is great, very fast to open and close, I think it may be the most under- rated Tablet on the market bar none. But, history will be the judge of that not me.

  3. Ken Roberts

    Yes I would like to have one but I have a hard time getting new strings for the guitar . and seeing as how I am getting older and less intelligent I think I need to throw the calculator away and use me head so a tablet would be out of the picture for me . I do exercise my brain though; I have not let that go , I bang my head against the wall four times a day, now that keeps things in perspective . also I need the money I do have to buy left handed feeblefetzers with or at least donate to the many toothed Zilchtron society. And there is always groceries and rent . Give to your gizzard fund, your gizzard may give out next. I really want a tablet I really do . Just as soon as my rich uncle gets out of the poor house I will buy one.

    1. Ray Dobson

      Good Heavens. Here’s me thinking I was unique in this world of 7 billion folk but now
      I find there’s someone else (Ken Roberts) just like except for one small detail My rich
      uncle is in the dog-box not the poor house but when he gets out………….

  4. Gwynne L.

    I voted no. I had one Android tablet computer, but gave it away. That said, I do have a Kindle Paperwhite, but I only read book on it. It will do other things.

  5. Philip Reeves

    Maybe someday I’ll buy a tablet, if they stop making desktops and laptops. I guess I’m old fashioned, but I do not like touch screens, particularly the one on my cell phone. It is very touchy. It takes me forever to type any password on it because if I touch the wrong key which is easy to do I probably won’t know until it doesn’t work. Then I have to start all over. I also don’t like the optical drive on my laptop. It’s very hard to mount a CD/DVD on the cheap looking spindle.

  6. Lizza

    No, I don’t have one. I don’t need one nor desire one. I have the Nokia 1520 smart phone. The screen is about 6 inches long. I just turn it on the side and these old eyes are just fine. I spent my money on the phone that would help me. I do have a laptop.

  7. Janice M

    I have no desire for anything, small & portable at my age. These eyes have to use Control + at times as it is. I do have a cell phone via Tracfone but only for emergencies or long distance. I could text with it but never do–can’t see the small print well and I would rather talk anyway.
    I have a quick question for you two…you haven’t recommended or even mentioned Re-Image in such a long time. Why or why not? Aren’t they good anymore or have they gone over to the “dark side”?

    I appreciate and TRUST your honest answer! Thank You Both.

  8. mary

    have an inexpensive one….polaroid 10″…slooooow…while it updates(constantly) can’t do anything…keeps saying…not responding…half the apps u download, don’t work right…maybe it’s the tablet…others might work better…ok in a pinch….but for serious stuff…give me my laptop…..mary

  9. Muriel S.

    I don’t have a tablet. If I ever get one it will be nothing more than a for-fun toy for alone time. I’d rather spend that kind of money, if I had it, toward a down payment on a new car or liposuction. That would make me feel better.
    I know lots of people who have a tablet. Haven’t been able to have much of a conversation with them, or see their eyes for a long time. At friends/family gatherings it sometimes feels like I’m not even in the room, and they don’t talk to each other for long either, even if a group of us go to a restaurant. It’s either a fork or a smartphone in their hand. Can’t blame a tablet or smartphone for that, though, but it seems many have the same problem.

  10. Perry F. Townsend Sr.

    I have one and my has one. We also have laptop and desktop computers. The tablets are really good when you are in the doctors office or any other place you just sitting waiting. I think most people can afford one, it is just a matter of priority on where we want to put our money.

  11. ML

    While I don’t have one or plan to buy one, I do have my Big Chief Tablet from 1959. You can use it to write, draw, play games like tic-tac-toe or hangman, make notes for later, etc. But nobody better SWIPE it!

  12. Pat

    Have a Kindle Fire, A Kindle Fire HDX (screen is beutiful),a Kindle Paperwhite and a 10.1 inch Toshiba Thrive…I love them all!! I read alot, when the battery gets low on one, I just pick another one up and keep reading…:o)

  13. Darla Ritchie

    I have a Kindle and love it. I rarely use my desktop anymore. I use that for my banking and ordering products on the Internet.

  14. Dorie P

    I don’t have a tablet nor do I want one. Since I retired I have less time to do things than I had when I worked. I don’t know how that happens? The days just fly by, and being on a tablet or computer eats into time I can spend with my hubby or time I can be creative. Honestly, I don’t want to spend the rest of my life learning another “device” unless it can cook meals for us or do my housework! I don’t text, I would Skype but no one has time in my family, they don’t email anymore, but we do phone once a week. I guess that’s fine…whatever…

  15. Geri Faust

    I have a desktop w/XP, a laptop w/Win7 and just got a super deal on an Asus tablet. I keep all my pictures on the desktop, use the laptop for just about everything, but the tablet is great for taking on trips or just downloading books I borrow from my library. I always have something to read while waiting in the doctor’s office or just find a hotspot when I’m on the run, to look up something. I have a cell phone – just to carry in case of an emergency – can’t find public phones around any more. But I really love technology and I’m 76 1/2 yrs old.

  16. Ralph Coelho

    I am 80 + and thought of a tablet that I could take to bed where I do most of my reading. Gave up the idea in preference to using my desk top which gives me some exercise and does not tempt me to be addicted to being on line because it is slow and sometimes balky.
    Rather waste time struggling than be always occupied with easy things.
    Do have a cell phone but do not give the number to anyone. They can contact me on my landline and leave a message. Which I may choose to respond to.
    Got the cell phone only because my netbanking demands it. Have since found many uses but not to allow others to call and chat. Resist the temptation to call others when I am at a loose end or waiting somewhere.

  17. Charlyne

    I have a Toshiba Thrive. It was a gift from my sons. I don’t have a portable phone that does anything but let me talk and it takes messages. I play on my tablet, read, check mail if I’m away from home, and take it with me when I go to visit. I am very happy with it and have even learned to keep it well charged in case I want to take it somewhere where there isn’t Wi-Fi. I t was a blessing when I was in the rehab for a few weeks. I love my desk top and use it all the time when I am home and follow you folks advise as much as I can afford. Bless you for helping me stay safe.

  18. JD

    I have an iPod Touch and I can do everything on it that you can do with an iPhone, except make phone calls, which I do with my “dumb phone”. I can download Apps, surf the internet and just about all the things I do on my laptop (if I have a WiFi connection). Great for waiting in the doctor’s office or having work done on my car!

  19. Altara

    I said NO. I have no need for a tablet. If I ever do decide to get something like that, it’ll be a Kindle Fire.


    I have an Ipad and love it. At least until this morning when I dropped it, protective case and all, and the screen and pretty white border shattered. I’ll have to see if the screen can be replaced but if not, I’ll buy another as soon as I can. I use mine for all sorts of things. I have a great and powerful laptop but it is still too heavy to lug around. And I have an Iphone but the screen is a little small. So the Ipad fills a need. Not too big, not too small, ahh just right. 🙂

  21. Roz Klaiman

    I have a Blackberry Playbook, over 2 years old, wonderful device but bad decision because BB promised support and then withdrew it, few apps. although it has “saved” me when computer was down and needed to be replaced. I mostly use it to carry with me for appointments where I have to sit and wait to read ebooks, play games, browse my own video downloads since no WiFi and can’t use cell phones. I do not have a smartphone, just a regular cell phone. chose a tablet over a smartphone when I bought it. lIke the larger screen too.


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