Relax! Watch the fish, feed the fish. Even grammarians will enjoy this site!

By | February 24, 2014
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I love to watch brightly colored tropical fish swimming in an aquarium. It may no longer be politically correct, but who cares?

If you have a high-speed connection and time to kill, take 15 – 20 minutes and add some peace to your day. Watch dozens of brightly-colored fish swimming in a super-realistic digital aquarium — it all looks soooo real. And if you’re needy and need a pet to care for, you can even feed these fish – indeed you can. And you never have to clean the aquarium or flush dead fish down your toilet!


It’s realistic, I tells ya!

Maybe this will help those Draconian grammarians too! Watching every word and sentence when you write is really stifling my creativity — no wonder American students are falling into the waste receptacle of educational oblivion. If you’re a famous author, you make millions, but the grammarians who edit the great writers make $50,000.00 a year. That tells you something, I tells ya!

Now, whether you’re an uptight grammarian whose pressure valves are about ready to blow off, or just an ordinary Joe or Jane who just wants to live and let live, you’ll enjoy taking time out to visit this unique web site where the fish swim in an online aquarium and beg you to feed them.

I beg you not to be so harsh with me.

I’m off to watch the fish while the stripes inflicted upon me by the grammarians heal. How about you? Want to come with me?

Come along and sing a song and feed the fish with me.


21 thoughts on “Relax! Watch the fish, feed the fish. Even grammarians will enjoy this site!

  1. Jean

    Would have been nice to see the fish but I could only go as far as the “sleeping” page. No way to go any farther.

  2. Harold

    nice fish tank I just got some food for them so please wake them up O well you tried
    Thank you

  3. Ron

    The picture won’t open on my iPad Air it says it needs flash player I have flash player from Apple loaded

  4. LadyMichigan

    OK how do we wake them up???? What does 10 :00 UTC translate into American time zones please.

    1. Annie

      Depends on your time zone eastern converts to 6:00 am etc just checked on Google

  5. JoninOz

    Aw c’mon TC & EB, fish don’t sleep in Australia, it’s warm all year round in Queensland.

  6. Roy

    Pity, iPad mini does not support flash, will have to watch the fish on computer

  7. Donna Streifel

    Yes, the fish are swimming, the first few times I tried, they were sleeping too.
    there is a timer running to feed the fish in about 1 hr., so I will see if I can feed
    them when the timer runs down to 0.

  8. Joyce Cooper

    I didn’t see the fish sleeping. I watched them swim AND fed them. Yea! Cool! Thanks, EB!

  9. Ramona Perry

    Thanks TC. I have been to the aquarium enjoyed the fish, the music playing which by the way is pre-programmed and wonderful to listen to and is very relaxing while watching the fish. I have used the 3D bubbles and have seen the aquarium using all three cameras. Nice views of all of the different fish. Cichlids, algae eaters, bottom feeders, ghost and all. I will be enjoying this a great deal. Happy fish watching.

  10. Mary M

    Was just going to shut down and get off and go to La La Land as it is 12:30AM MST when ya’ got me attention. Fish are sleeping? The nerve of them !! Now what ??? :)))

  11. Lizza

    How do you get to feed the fish? LOL been there 3 times now…I never get to feed the fishy!

  12. Jean Leclair

    They finally woke up! I even popped the bubbles. Nice scenery


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