Do You Have an Email Address Ending in

By | August 12, 2018
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Do You Have an Email Address Ending in

If you are subscribed to our weekly Cloudeight InfoAve Premium newsletter with an email address that ends in, it’s a pretty good bet you haven’t received our weekly newsletter for the last couple of weeks.

If you have an email address, it appears that your ISP (now Spectrum) is blocking our InfoAve Premium newsletter as spam.

Please contact your ISP and let them know that you want our newsletter and that it is not spam. You should remind them that you’re paying them to provide Internet service not to censor your email.

We wanted you to know that we’ve been sending our “Cloudeight InfoAve Premium” newsletter to you, every Friday for the past 774 weeks in a row.  If you have not been receiving it, it is because your ISP is censoring it and deleting it, or censoring it and  blocking it.

And if you email address ends in something other than and you have not been receiving it, the information above applies to you as well.

Email censorship is not a prerogative of your ISP; you have the right to receive email that you signed up to receive.

Don’t let your ISP tell you what you can and cannot read.  If you can’t get your ISP to cooperate, get a Gmail account and subscribe to our weekly “Cloudeight InfoAve Premium” newsletter with it. Gmail is free and you have total control over you email.



8 thoughts on “Do You Have an Email Address Ending in

  1. Scott

    Best solution is to NEVER use the crappy, temporary email account that comes with your internet provider. Get a Gmail account with much better spam filters, and you own it for life.

  2. Barbara Jansma

    My good news is that I’ve been receiving your news letters and Cloudeight Infoave Premium newsletter and it has never stopped.

  3. lynda

    The last one is #773 that I got if that’s correct then yes I am still getting them. I sure hope that I will continue too!

    1. infoave Post author

      Hi Lynda,

      Last one was #774, dated August 10, 2018. We send them every Friday, usually before noon Eastern time.

      You can always see what the latest issue was by going to The last 10 or so issues are always listed there. That page is updated every Friday.

      Thanks so much for subscribing.

  4. charles Paxson

    Why do I continue to get ,up to sometimes 1/2 my E- mail in my Junk E-mail BOX ?? and sometimes I try to open something in my E-Mail and IT says ” A problem has occurred ” also come back later and when I do IT Will not open and later the next day “IT” won’t open either?? Sometimes I get — “this live event has ended ” and I know it has only been on a few Min. ? Thank You very much !!! Charlie

    1. infoave Post author

      Hi Charles,

      Unless you have some sort of spam filter installed in your email program. then you can be sure that RR is censoring your email. No one should ever allow an ISP to determine what is spam and what is good email. Can you imagine the outcry if the US Postal service stopped delivering email because they determined you don’t want it.

      If you’re not using any kind of spam filtering on your computer, then you need to contact your ISP and tell them to stop censoring your email.


  5. Charles Paxson

    SOME BODY isn’t listening OR Mondays are a BAD Day ???
    Above is my commmment !!!!

    1. infoave Post author

      I have no idea what you’re referring to… you comment is posted and answered.


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