Learn to Make or Do Almost Anything

By | August 11, 2018
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Learn to Make or Do Almost Anything

A long, long time ago, back when I first met EB, I thought she knew everything. So when I needed to know how to do or make anything I just asked her. But then, as I got to know her better, I found out that she doesn’t know everything. Go ahead and ask her how to grow a square watermelon. She won’t know… I don’t think.

Anyway… our site pick today is called Instructables. It’s a site that had its origins at MIT and Squid Labs. But you don’t care about that, all you care about is what it is and what you can do with it. And what you can do with it is- just to name a few…

Learn to make salsa

Cloudeight Site Pick

Bring the chips, mi amigo!

Learn to a simple wooden table with benches for kids 

Learn to do an oil change

Learn to grow a square watermelon 

Cloudeight Site Pick

You’re so square!

Learn to make an emergency oil lamp

Cloudeight Site Pick

I’ll drink the beer, you make the oil lamp!

Learn to fix up an old bicycle

Or learn to make or do over 100,000 more things.

OK you get the idea. Just about anything you want to learn how to do or make can be found on Instructables. There are currently over 100,000 instructables on the site. And the really great thing about Instructables is that most all of them are easy to understand – and most include pictures so you can easily follow the instructions.  Finding what you’re looking for on Instructables is a snap: Just type in what you want to learn to make or do in the site’s search engine at the top of each page and there’s a good chance you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in just a second or two. The site search is extremely fast and accurate.

If you choose you can also browse through the site’s “Featured” Instructables. or browse through the Instructables by category from Categories menu at the bottom of the page:

The categories you can browse are:

  • Technology
  • Workshop
  • Craft
  • Home
  • Food
  • Play
  • Outside
  • Costumes

Here’s some info from the site’s owners/developers:

“…When they weren’t solving interesting problems like solar panels for driveways, efficiently harnessing human power, or strain sensing ropes, you could find them sharing Instructables from the workshop. From cooking to 3d printing, to making just about anything fly, Instructables became the recipient of countless hours of tinkering, soldering, stitching, frying, and fun, making just about anything…

Instructables was officially spun out of Squid Labs in the summer of 2006, and has gone on to grow from a modest hundreds of projects to over one hundred thousand. The community that now calls the site home, is an amazing mix of wonder from around the world. Every day we continue to be amazed by the imagination, curiosity, and simple awesomeness of everyone who shares their creations with us on Instructables…”

So what have you learned so far, EB? That’s right!  When you want to do or make something and you are not sure how, check out our site pick “Instructables”. We’re pretty sure you’ll find what you’re looking for.

If you’ve yearned to learn how to make or do something, then Instructables is a site you’ll find is worth much more than its weight in gold. After all, how much does a website weigh?

Seek no more.. go and learn! Visit Instructables right now.

You’ll be glad you did.

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