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Searching with You

    Searching with You Will this new search engine be a giant killer? According to Statcounter, Google commands 91.66% of the search engine market. Here’s the scoreboard for October 2021: 1. Google 91.66% 2. Bing 2.74% 3. Yahoo 1.50% 4. Yandex 0.96% 5. DuckDuckGo 0.60% But now a new AI-driven, open-source search engine called You.com is launching… Read More »

Enhance Blurry Images and More With Smart Upscaler

    Enhance Blurry Images and More With Smart Upscaler Have you had pictures that were out-of-focus, grainy, or generally just poor quality?  Most of us have. We found an online program that can help make blurry, grainy, poor quality images clearer. The online app is called Smart Upscaler. It’s a free, easy, and quick way to enhance… Read More »


    BrainBashers This week I decided that I would let EB loose to find a good Cloudeight Site Pick.  And you know what that means? It means a time-wasting, but fun-filled website.  Anyway, moving right along… Here’s what the site’s developers have to say about their collection of brain-teasing fun things to do on a day when… Read More »

PULP-O-MIZER: Create Your Own Pulp Magazine Cover

    PULP-O-MIZER Create Your Own Pulp Magazine Cover Sometimes we stumble on a Web site and end up wasting far too much time checking it out. We call it “reviewing” but sometimes it’s just playing. But all work and no play… you know. First, I wasn’t sure what a pulp magazine was – they stopped publishing them… Read More »