Searching with You

By | November 15, 2021
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Searching with You

Will this new search engine be a giant killer? - new search engine - Cloudeight InfoAve

According to Statcounter, Google commands 91.66% of the search engine market. Here’s the scoreboard for October 2021:

1. Google 91.66%
2. Bing 2.74%
3. Yahoo 1.50%
4. Yandex 0.96%
5. DuckDuckGo 0.60%

But now a new AI-driven, open-source search engine called is launching its initial public beta release. It’s well-funded by private capital firms Sound Ventures, Day One Ventures, Breyer Capital, and others. 

In taking on Google, promises it will “bring more trust, kindness, and facts” to the internet.

More from…

From search to “do engine” helps you get things done. Get news, check Github, compose a tweet. All in one place. Search one and done.

Your privacy puts you in control — choose either a personalized or truly private experience. never sells your data to advertisers.

Summarize the web
The world’s first open search engine platform that summarizes the web for users with useful and actionable content.

No ad-targeting is ad-free right now. We commit to never doing privacy-invading ads but may have private ads in the future…

Why use instead of Google? summarizes the best parts of the internet for you, without ads and with great privacy. Our AI will help you find the most relevant apps but you are in control and can customize these apps and sources. We believe in bringing more trust, kindness, and facts to the internet.

How do search results compare to Google’s?
Our aim is to make your life easier by summarizing the web for you, eliminating the need to open multiple tabs. We’ll also allow you to define your preferred sources and, whenever possible, show you results from the sources you prefer first — saving you time. has a FAQ page that answers a lot of common questions – including “How does make money”. If you’re interested in learning more about, check out the FAQ page here. offers a Private and a Personalized Mode comes with two operational modes – private mode and personalized mode. Users can easily switch between the two whenever they choose to do so. In private mode, search queries will not be stored on the servers, and clicks will not be recorded. Th

In “personalized mode”, the user can search even if they don’t create a profile. Users can select their preferred sources and modify the order in which they appear. Data will only be collected on user interactions with that site and not across other sites.


We installed the “Default search” extension in Microsoft Edge. Edge, in typical Microsoft style immediately turned it off and switch the default search engine to Bing, even though Google was set as default before changing it to

search results from - Cloudeight InfoAve

search results from - Cloudeight InfoAve

We’re testing and so far we like it. The search results seem accurate and they are presented in an easy-to-read format. But it’s far too early to say if this is the giant killer its developers hope it will be.

Maybe it’s time someone gave Google a real challenge,

You can try here.

One thought on “Searching with You

  1. D.

    I have not had a chance to read the FAQ on it, but what little I have searched with, I like it. I do wish it had more in setting, but I also realize it is still beta. I use a lot of different search engines. Sometimes I’m just looking for something off the main highway I have not been seeing.

    Thank you for this.


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