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Here we all are at the end of another year – but not just any year – this is the end of 2020 – a year none of us ever want to see again. We all fought to get through this year- and we made it.

We all fought hard this past year to keep going through the hardships the pandemic brought. But that’s ok. We are fighters anyway.

You’re fighters and we’re fighters too. You made it through the toughest year in a lifetime. And thanks to you, we made it too.

We’re fighters fighting for you and fighting to keep our small business going. If you have a small business, then you know that you must be a fighter to survive, because nothing in the word of small business comes easy.

Over twenty-three years ago, Darcy and I were riding on a wave of popularity with our email stationery. Eventually, our Cloudeight Stationery website became the biggest, most successful, and most well-known email stationery site on the Web.

But even while we were riding high on that wave of popularity, we made a commitment to everyone who visited our sites and those who subscribed to our newsletters. When someone wrote for help, we helped them. We tried hard to answer every email we received. And back in those days, we were getting over a thousand a week. 

I’ll be honest, Darcy is the one who answered most of those… I was the dreamer, and she was the doer.  And it was Darcy who set the lofty standards for our business that we still live by today.

Twenty-plus years ago, we were growing fast. We reached the peak of our success and popularity during the years 2006, 2007 and 2008. But then Microsoft threw us a curve. They released Windows 7 and it came without an email program. Windows Mail and Outlook Express were going to fade away and with them our stationery and our popularity, 

But we’re fighters, and though in 2009 we started to experience tough times.  We could see that the future was not looking good. The numbers of visitors to our stationery site started declining sharply. We knew we had to change our business model or fade away as so many other sites of that era did.

Darcy ‘the doer’ came up with the idea for Cloudeight Direct Computer Care. That was nearly ten years ago. And over the past ten years, we have cared for and repaired thousands of Windows computers and made new friends along the way.

Since starting Cloudeight Direct Computer Care in early 2011, we’ve kept our mission simple:  Honest, friendly, professional service, and great prices.

We still charge only $50 for a computer repair session. And we stay with the job until it’s done whether it takes 45 minutes or 2 hours and 45 minutes.  And we occasionally offer specials to provide customers with even bigger savings on computer care and repair. We try hard to make it easy and inexpensive for everyone to get professional computer care and repair.

We have resisted raising our prices because the computer care and repair industry is full of scammers and shysters who take advantage of the fact that many computer users don’t know much about the computers they use. So, we always provide more-than-fair prices for everyone all the time.

On top of the paid services we offer, we continue to provide free help and support by email. Every week we still answer hundreds of emails, mostly from people writing for help with their computers. And if their problems can be solved with an email, we’re glad to help whenever and however we can.

This is how we run our business and how we’ll always run our business. But sometimes this business model means we must be fighters to survive. Like many other small businesses, we have times when sales are good and times when sales are slow.

After twenty plus years, we’re good at rolling with the punches. And like fighters, we need trainers. We are both fighters and trainers. When Darcy gets down, I get her back up on her feet and get her ready to fight again. And when I get down, Darcy does the same things for me.

We fight for Cloudeight, we fight for each other, and we fight for you.

Our most valuable asset isn’t our knowledge or ability to fix and care for computers. Nope. We know that our most valuable asset is and will always be YOU – the folks who support us and who have stuck with us through the years.

You’re the best. Your continued support enables us to continue to help you avoid the dangers we all face every day on the web. It enables us to give you honest reviews of products, services, and websites. 

And when sales are slow, we run special sales and donation drives. They help us get through the tough times. And you know what? You’ve never let us down yet!

And we’ll never let you down either.

We’re fighters: We fight to keep our small business alive. But just as importantly, we will always fight for you. 

We know it’s been a tough year for everyone. But we hope those of you who are able will help us with a small donation. 

We’re fighters – and we will always be fighters. And we will always be fighting for YOU.

Thank you so much for your help, support, and friendship during the past year. With the pandemic, the economic hardships, the isolation, and the fear, it’s been one tough year for everyone. Let us all hope that next year brings an end to the pandemic – and peace, good health, and happiness for us all.




Happy New Year!

Happy New Year & Thanks for Everything!

Darcy & TC

11 thoughts on “Fighters

  1. Roy Shell

    I to, want to thank you both for all that you do.
    I have used your computer care services a couple of times, and have even managed
    to make a couple of small donations.
    Your knowledge of and commit to compute service is invaluable.
    Happy New Year & God Bless us all.

  2. JonInOz

    Happy New Year Darcy & TC,

    One year of a terribble time, 2020.
    Imagine the years of Britain & Germany, and other small countries in WW2, can you comprehend the deaths and destruction over six years of a situation far worse than 2020 with Covid-19.

    Lest We Forget.

  3. Jean

    Wishing you the best for 2021.
    Thank you for all your help over the years.

  4. Pam

    You guys are awesome! A safe and trusting place. I can’t thank you enough for all that you do !
    Happy New Year!!

  5. Helen Arano

    How do we say Thank you to you guys, you have been there though think and thin for us.
    A small word, with a Big Meaning, THANK YOU!!!

  6. Ruby Mailander

    Happy New Year. Thank you for all that you do, I have been with you for many years and the both of you have helped me so much. you kept a senior on the right side of doing computers all these years, I donate when I can but this last year has been a bit trying for me, I hope to help out this year a little more , THANK YOU again !

  7. Regina Petruti

    It has been a tough year for everybody.. especially for seniors.. But we are looking ahead and with the help of
    both of you we will make it… I read every word that you print …. Keep doing it… Hope you all will have a Happy and Rewarding New Year…

  8. Irene Secia

    Thank you, both, for all the great tips and help you give to so many. I pray for a Happy, Healthy New Year for you.
    Thank you!

  9. Barb Yates

    It works wo ways. Jut as you rely on us, we rely on you, and a lot of your customers, like me, would have been off the internet years ago without the support you two so willing gave us. You have amazing tolerance and understanding for those who can’t manage without help, and it is appreciated.
    Best wishes for a happy and profitable 2021.

  10. Rita Smith

    Thanks for always being there when we are in need of help. I for one would be lost without you. When my sister was having a lot of trouble with her computer I told her to let you guys try to fix it for her, and you did. She is a believer in you just as I am. I am a senior and so I am very grateful for honest, reliable folks like you.
    Wishing both of you a very happy, healthy, prosperous new year.


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