Find Out if Your Phone Number Was Stolen in the Facebook Breach

By | April 7, 2021
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How to Find Out if Your Phone Number Was Stolen in the Facebook Breach

Find out if your phone number has been stolen - Cloudeight InfoAve

Recently, the personal data of 533 million Facebook users was stolen and placed on a hacking forum

“Have I been pwned” has added a new feature that is especially useful if you’re a Facebook user. As a result of the Facebook breach, the site now allows people to find out if their phone numbers have been exposed. “Have I been pwned” previously allowed users to check to see if their email addresses and passwords were exposed in past breaches.

The recent Facebook breach prompted Troy Hunt, the security expert who runs “Have I been pwned”, to enhance the site so that people can search to see if their phone numbers have been breached too. As you may know, the recent Facebook breach exposed far more phone numbers than email addresses.

To see if your phone number was exposed in the Facebook breach, go to

To search for a phone number, enter your phone number using the international format — i.e. with the country and area codes. A user in the U.S.A. would add +1 and their area code before their phone number. For example, a U.S. phone number 555-555-1111 would be entered as +1-555-555-1111.

Here are a few country codes:

USA country code +1
Australia country code +61
New Zealand country code +64
Great Britain country code +44

If yours is not listed, just google country code + the name of your country.

Good luck. May your phone number not be listed among the ones pilfered.

5 thoughts on “Find Out if Your Phone Number Was Stolen in the Facebook Breach

  1. JoninOz

    Hi TC & Darcy,

    Facebook selling data not too long ago, Facebook security should be as invulnerable as the FBI & CIA sites.
    Individuals themselves on Facebook spread their personal and private information with millions of strangers, and millions of Facebook individuals are sex predators or sex maniacs.
    I have been on Facebook but from the onset I have never trusted Zuckerberg or his actions, therefore I didn’t list my ‘phone number, my birthdate is false, my location has to be traced through my VPN and my personal and required infomation has be secured to the maximum.
    I no longer want or need Facebook to keep in contact with (9,800 ‘friends’) in reality four ‘friends’, as there are several more secure methods.
    Thanks for the advice to those people whose Facebook sites lack excellent security.

  2. Stanly

    Very good item, Checked my phone, good news. Hasn’t t
    Bssn pawns. Thanx for the info…

  3. Tomg

    Thank you so much good tip. My phone number has not been pawned, but my email address has. Its the hotmail address linked to my Microsoft account. What exactly do I need to do, I’m so afraid to do anything when it comes to Microsoft I never know what the results will be. Since they have the same password in our linked Microsoft and the hotmail account will changing one change them both? If not do I need to change them separately. And should I have them linked in or not with the same password? I have 3 computers and they all have the same Microsoft account and hotmail account on them. I know there’s more. I could probably explain it better but for now this is all I got. Thank you so much for what you do. You are really appreciated.


  4. Joyce Linsenmeyer

    Thank you for this info. My phone number is good but my email is not. But I have changed all passwords to new ones. You do such a good job for us and I have learned such good things from your newsletter. Thank you, thank you for all you do.


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