Have You Ever Been the Victim of an Internet Scam or Fraud?

By | March 1, 2017
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Have You Ever Been the Victim of an Internet Scam or Fraud?

As we are all too aware, there are miscreants and criminals online who have no lack of creativity when it comes to trying to illegally separate you from your money. Internet Scams and Internet Fraud are all too common – and serve as a reminder to us all that we must always be vigilant.

So, please tell us, have you even been a victim of a fraud or scam. Don’t worry, all answers are anonymous and no one will ever know how you voted.

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5 thoughts on “Have You Ever Been the Victim of an Internet Scam or Fraud?

  1. Wendy

    Many people have had the phone calls from fraudsters. Just don’t co-operate, put the phone down immediately.

  2. Ellkay

    A friend couldn’t access her yahoo account last Fri. She couldnt reset password or get to answer security etc. The yahoo support page just kept going in a loop back to where she started. No one contacted her but she eventually googled yahoo support and called one of the (UK) freephone numbers.
    They told her acct had been hacked by someone in Texas and there was a 50% chance they could get it back for her BUT only if she paid £120!!! She of course said no she couldnt afford that so the woman on the other end said “ok, make it £80”!!! My friend immediately hung up realising that it must be a scam phone number she had called despite it coming up high on the Google search.
    Almost a week later she is still tearing her hair out trying to get a genuine UK support number for yahoo or get access to support online. Nightmare!
    Anyone using yahoo is nuts I think after all their security breaches, but at the very least u should use their 2 step authentication.

  3. Sue Young

    Thanks you I have never been. If it were not for you and Darcy then maybe I would have been I have always listen to what you had to say about staying safe on the internet so it has paid off.
    Thanks so very much for what you two do for your subscribers

  4. Loretta

    I did get scammed by a man with an East Indian accent saying he was from Microsoft and told me that my computer had been hacked. The end result was that I fell for this scam and lost $1,000.00 for them to fix the computer. The computer wasn’t hacked and nothing was wrong with it, but I was very stupid and careless. This will never happen to me again. I am 76 and people like this thrive on people like me. An expensive lesson well learned.

    1. infoave Post author

      I’m so sorry Loretta. If this happened within the last six months, and you used a credit cart to pay the thief, you should call your credit card company and tell them you’ve been scammed. I hope it hasn’t been too long since this happened, because the sooner you notify your credit card company the more likely you’ll get all your money back.

      For $1000 you could have bought a really nice new computer.

      I’m so sorry that you had this happen to you, Joyce. We do hope you get your money back.


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