How smart are you?

By | April 20, 2011
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Yeah, you’re pretty smart. You’re reading this! TC and EB took this test and you can guess who got the highest score! Sorry, EB. At least you look better! Ahem….

Unlike some IQ tests, this test won’t take you a day and a half to complete. It’s only 12 questions, but that may be enough. Some of the questions may appear easy – but are you sure?

Here’s what this week’s site of the week is all about, straight from the horse’s mouth:

“Test Your Brain

How smart are you? Take this quick test to peek inside the power of your brain. The test is adapted from the Mensa test by Dr. Abbie Salny and America Mensa Ltd., copyright 1992 and 2004. It can be found on page 98 of “You: The Owner’s Maual (sic).”

Now folks, week take a beating every week from grammarians who subscribe to this newsletter just for our humorous abuse of the English language. But, explain to us why, a big site like ABC News which rakes in zillions from Cialis commercials, can’t afford an editor with a spell checker. Look, this is about intelligence – you’d think they’d spell “Manual” correctly. Even my el cheapo Front Page spell checker caught it.

Anyway, see if you can beat our scores, um I mean TC’s score. Send us your score and we’ll tell you if you beat TC 🙂

Take the test and see how smart you are. And while you’re there, how about dropping them a note and tell them now to spell “manual”. You guys sure don’t mind correcting us 🙂

Our site pick today is “How smart are you?” – it’s part of the ABC News family. Go and show them how smart our subscribers are!

One thought on “How smart are you?

  1. Audrey P.

    Brain Health Report
    Your Grade: A+
    Your brain grade is a summary of your overall cognitive health today. Based on your lifestyle choices, we have compiled a complete brain health report with personalized analysis and suggestions for improvement from our neuroscientists.

    Guess I’m A-OK!! ;O)


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