How to Create a Windows 10 System Repair Disc

By | March 29, 2017
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How to Create a Windows 10 System Repair Disc

We’ve discussed how to create a Windows 10 Recovery (USB) drive before. If your computer won’t boot, you can use your Recovery Drive to boot your computer and access Windows 10 troubleshooting tools, other options, and your backups.

Today, we’re going to show you how to create a System Repair Disk that you can use just like a recovery drive to boot your computer, access troubleshooting tools, other options and your backups.

It’s easy to do.

  1. Press & hold down the Windows Key and tap the R key
  2. In the Run box type RECDISC.EXE and press Enter
  3. The Recovery Disc dialog will appear:
  4. Insert a blank DVD/CD RW disk in your CD/DVD drive. Windows will detect it and it will show up in the “Drive” box. Once it does, click “Create disc” and Windows will start creating your System Repair Disc. It will take approximately 3 to 5 minutes to complete.
  5. Once your System Repair Disc is created, label it so you’ll remember what it is and keep it near our computer, just in case. If your computer won’t boot, you’ll be mighty glad you made a System Repair Disc, because you’ll be able to boot your computer using it.

One more thing, if your hard drive fails, and you have system image backup (such as the one we’ll help create for you with our backup service), you’ll be able to install a new hard drive, use this System Repair Disc to boot your computer. Then you can access your image backup to image your new hard drive. When that’s done, your operating system, all your files and folders, all your programs – everything will be just like they were before

2 thoughts on “How to Create a Windows 10 System Repair Disc

  1. Bob

    When I type in RECDISK.EXE Windows says it can not find that file.

    1. infoave Post author

      Bob – there’s no K – it’s RECDISC.EXE




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