3 thoughts on “How to Fix the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Double Sign-in Bug

  1. James Bonds

    Can I assume MS (The Creator) has repaired this simple bug in their product on future downloads to those of us who haven’t jumped out of the frying pan yet?

    Do you think MS programmers actually use their product?

    1. infoave Post author

      It’s really not a substantive issue. It’s a minor flaw, more annoying than anything. As far as we know MS has not fixed it; as far as we know Microsoft has not acknowledged it. But tens of thousands of users have had the double sign-in problem. It’s never safe to assume anything with Microsoft. This minor bug shouldn’t stop you from upgrading to version 1709.

  2. Max

    Even though the Double Sign-in was only a very minor inconvenience, thanks to you guys the fix was very simple. Thank you very much.


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