How to run Windows XP mode in Windows 7

By | May 28, 2011
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Denise heard about Windows XP mode in Windows 7
I was an article that said Windows 7 has a Windows XP mode – so you can run Windows XP programs on it. If so, wouldn’t we be able to use Outlook Express in Windows 7 in XP mode? Love your newsletter.

Our Answer
You can run Windows XP mode on any version of Windows 7 (Home Premium and up). It’s free.

You’ll need to follow the instructions carefully. It requires 3 downloads (4 if you don’t have Windows 7 SP-1 installed).

Download and install Windows XP Mode at .

Step 1: Download Windows XP Mode
Step 2: Download Windows Virtual PC
Step 3: Update Windows XP Mode

Here’s another way to do it:  You can download and install a free program called VMWare Player and run Windows XP on any version of Windows 7. You’ll need to have a copy of Windows XP to do it though.

Both of these allow you to run Windows XP in a virtual state – meaning when you run it, it won’t affect your Windows 7 system; you can run Windows XP in Windows 7, that is, Windows 7 will be running and Windows XP will run as if it were a program installed on Windows 7. In Windows XP mode you can run any program that runs on Windows XP  – including Outlook Express.

3 thoughts on “How to run Windows XP mode in Windows 7

  1. Sheila

    The thing about Windows 7 that has always bothered me was the fact that it didn’t have Outlook Express. So if we install the above program we can use Outlook Express? Also I thought I had been told before by a friend, that you could only install and run Windows XP on Windows 7 if you had the pro. or business version of Windows 7, so is this not true? Also if we install this, will it in any way mess with any programs we have loaded the run with Windows 7? More information would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank You

    1. infoave Post author

      I know if you use a Windows XP installation disk – and VMWARE Player, you can run Outlook Express on Windows 7. It’s more complicated though.

      Windows XP Mode now works with Home Premium as well as Business and Ultimate.

  2. Don Benskin

    OK I’ve downloaded/installed Windows XP mode on my laptap running Windows 7 as per #487, but how do I run Outlook Express??


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