I Write Like: Do you like to write? If so, who do you write like?

By | June 14, 2022
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I Write Like: Do you like to write? If so, who do you write like?

I Write Like - Cloudeight Site Pick

Do you like to write? Do you write long emails that annoy your friends and upset your family? Do people cringe when your emails arrive because it means they have to buy a liter of vodka or make a pot of coffee? After all, they know they’re in for a long night of reading? You can tell if people are not excited about reading your emails if, after say a year, no one has written back.

Do you like to write anything? Essays, short stories, novels, op-ed pieces, letters to the editor, and so forth? Yes, I know that was a sentence fragment, EB, but I did it for a reason. No, I’m not going to tell you the reason!

Anyway, if you like to write, are you curious to know what famous author you write like? I put some of EB’s emails in this site’s analyzer and it says she writes like Squibb Pharmaceutical – whoever he is. It says I write like Cory Doctorow.

So who do you write like? Squibb Pharmaceutical or Cory Doctorow? Missy Blakenick or Stella Amaramdas? Herbert Holliwig or Hermen Seville? Do you know? Do you care? Do you want to? You do, don’t you?

I Write Like - Cloudeight InfoAve Site Pick

I Write Like - Cloudeight InfoAve Site Pick

Anyway, if you’re curious you’ll want to know how this site works – how does it figure out who you write like? Well, we’re glad you asked that question because the head honcho and developer of “I Write Like” will now tell you:

How does I Write Like work?

The algorithm pretty simple, and you can find it on every computer today. It’s a Bayesian classifier, which is widely used to fight spam on the Internet. Take for example the “Mark as spam” button in Gmail or Outlook. When you receive a message that you think is spam, you click this button, and the internal database gets trained to recognize future messages similar to this one as spam. This is basically how “I Write Like” works: I feed it with the whole text of Frankenstein and tell it, “This is Mary Shelley. Recognize works similar to this as Mary Shelley.” Of course, the algorithm is slightly different from the one used to detect spam, because it takes into account more stylistic features of the text, such as the number of words in sentences, the number of commas, semicolons, and whether the sentence is a direct speech or a quotation.

All you need to do is visit our Cloudeight site pick “I Write Like”, paste in a smidgen of any of your literary masterpieces and click “Analyze”. In seconds, you’ll know who you write like. Let’s just hope it’s not Squibb Pharmaceutical.

Visit our Cloudeight Site Pick, “I Write Like” right now.

I Write Like - Cloudeight InfoAve Site Pick

5 thoughts on “I Write Like: Do you like to write? If so, who do you write like?

  1. Yvonne

    Wow! I’m flattered… The website says I write like Stephanie Meyer who wrote the Vampire books..

  2. Graham Slaney

    Apparently, the book I am writing was analysed as being like Jack London, I even impress myself sometimes….

  3. GIna

    Apparently, I also write like Cory Doctorow (I had no idea who he was)!

  4. Bernie Lyngdal

    So I write like Charles Dickens. That’s a fascinating revelation. I like it.


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