If You Get an Email from Walmart About a Missed Delivery, Beware!

By | June 5, 2021
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If You Get an Email from Walmart About a Missed Delivery, Beware!

The following is from BestLife

Have you recently received an email from Walmart about a package you don’t even remember ordering? If so, don’t open it. Bleeping Computer first reported on May 29 that a phishing campaign is underway using Walmart’s name. According to the outlet, some users are receiving emails from “Walmart” that claim there was a delivery issue. The message has a subject line that reads, “Your Package delivery Problem Notification ID#” and the email states that the company cannot deliver your package because of an incorrect mailing address.

The message asks users to reply with the correct shipping address and has an “Update Address” button attached to the email. However, if you click the button, your mail program will be opened to create a new email with the subject “Update my Address,” which will be sent to multiple email addresses connected to the phishing scam—not to Walmart. This information could help hackers conduct identify theft attacks, gain access to other accounts in your name, or perform targeted phishing attacks on you to gain further information, Bleeping Computer warns.

Walmart is aware that some hackers will attempt phishing scams using the company’s name. With that in mind, the company says that you should never reply to an email that requires you to click on a link to provide more personal information or requires you to supply personal information directly in the email. Phishing emails often contain very poor grammar, have no order number or details about the order, and are not from an official @walmart.com domain.

“If you received an order confirmation email from Walmart but you did not place an order, it may be a phishing scam attempting to gather information, or in some cases, spread malware,” Walmart warns on its website. “If you actually placed an order and are suspicious about the email you received, log onto your Walmart.com account to check your order status.”  Read more…

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  1. JoninOz

    Hi Darcy & TC,
    The scum-bags are all over the world, we get a missed delivery from Australia Post, from Amazon, from FedEx and we other scum-mail from a telecom, supplier, Telstra, where we do not have an account.

    Thanks for the good work which you have been doing for the past two decades plus more.


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    Akeep the best of yourself for esch ohter.Maueeen

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