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By | March 5, 2016
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InfoAve Premium Newsletter Poll

Every week we get a summary of the number of ISPs who reject our newsletters based on keywords. Since InfoAve Premium – by its nature – discusses many topics which may set off spam filters,  we have been considering ways to ensure that every subscriber gets the newsletter.

We have an idea. We would like to reduce the size of the newsletter without reducing the content by putting longer articles and tutorials on the Web and putting a brief description with a link to them in the newsletter.

Please vote in poll below and give us your opinion. Feel free to leave any comments, ideas or suggestions you may have as well!

[polldaddy poll=9334689]

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51 thoughts on “InfoAve Premium Newsletter and Poll

  1. Kevin

    Leave the news letter as is or change it makes no difference to me. I will read it ether way.
    I have no trouble with my isp blocking any thing. By the way I use GMail.

    1. Debbie Canady

      Same here – do whatever is easiest for you. Wish more people would dump their email providers that decide for them what they should and should not get and sign up for a Gmail account. The best!!

    2. Darcy

      Hi Kevin and Debbie,

      Great Advice! Gmail is the best for sure, and you can bet Gmail will be around longer then most ISP so if you ever have an ISP change up the road (or if you move and change isp), you don’t have to notify everyone! Plus, you can set up Gmail to check the mail that goes to your isp, so all mail is in the same place.


  2. Roger D. Brandt

    I sure like and appreciate all the info I have gathered reading this newsletter, Keep it comong.

  3. Bobbie G

    Leave as is. I have no problem with anything being blocked. I will certainly read it which ever way you send it.
    I couldn’t live without your info, and at times, your much needed help.

  4. Pierre J Blancard

    Off the subject a little, wanted to remind you guys that many of us have opted to stick with windows 7 instead of windows 10 for the foreseeable future so don’t forget us in the odd bit of advice… always appreciated! Pierre

    1. Darcy

      Hi Pierre,

      While many new tips are Windows 10 as it has so many great new features, many tips still apply to Windows 7. Don’t forget.. you have until July to get the free upgrade to Windows 10 and if you like the layout of Windows 7 (Start menu, desktop, etc) we can customize your Windows 10 to be pretty close to how Windows 7 looks.

      I have been quite surprised that many of my 80+ year old customers I have assisted, have upgraded and loved the new layout, while others love Win7 layout, so the bottom line is, you have a choice. And remember too, if you upgrade to Windows 10 and want to go back, you have 30 days to do so. Windows makes this very easy.

      Finally, many may not have a system with compatible hardware to upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7. Don’t worry.. you will get updates until 2020.

      If you change your mind about going to Windows 10, Pierre, check out out Windows 10 pre/post check, or customization service.


    2. sharon

      I agree. I have decided to not frustrate myself with a new OS 🙂

  5. Bill

    I too have no problem receiving your newsletter. It’s fine either way.

  6. Jim Prescott

    I prefer the way it is, however, because of the value of the content you provide if you changed it to having links to the larger articles I would access it that way. Whatever is best for you I am sure will be agreeable to all subscribers. I used to have problems with Bell Aliant spam filters until I changed my email to g-mail now all is fine.

  7. Mark Bajorek

    Either way is fine with me. Thanks for all the interesting and useful computer information you provide.

  8. Debbie

    Either way is OK with me. Whatever is easiest for you. I will still follow you, links or whatever, as long as tthe info is from you!

  9. Lorraine

    Like several subscribers above, I also use Gmail and have no problem receiving your newsletters. That said, I am fine with your doing whatever you need to assure that the most people get the Cloudeight newsletters.

    I always buy your e-book at the end of each year, so I have all the information from the past year at hand regardless.

  10. Linda

    I love the newsletter the way it is. I like to keep my newsletters together in one piece by year. I’m afraid if I had to start clicking on links, copy the info and put it in my InfoAve Premium folder I would begin forgetting to do it and/or loosing valuable information. Shouldn’t the people that aren’t receiving the newsletter be contacting their ISP and telling their spam or junk folders InfoAve is not spam or junk. I have been receiving the Premium newsletter for quite a few years and have never had a problem receiving it yet. Thanks for all your help.

  11. Irene Doiron

    Leave as is. Have absolutely no problems with my ISP. As Pierre said up above remember us who still have not downloaded to Win.10 and are still using Win. 7 or 8. Love all the info. you send although lately there is lots of info on Win.10 that does not concern me yet.

  12. Susan Brewer

    I like it the way it is, but will follow you no matter what you decide. You have helped me in the past and I have gotten so much more informaton along the way. You two are great!!

  13. D.

    Either way is fine with me. Your newsletter only found its’ way into Gmail’s spam box once. I don’t have a problem receiving it.

  14. Geoff M

    By all means put on the web and still do the summary of each article in the newsletter, but rather than 1 link to each article, 1 link to entire newsletter. The wheel mouse can be used to by pass any content that is not applicable ….as is done now in the current format.

  15. Clara Rau

    Either way will be ok, but have had no trouble receiving mine every Friday. I like to copy some of your instructions on how to do things on Win 10 and of the tips that you give. I do that and then send the copy to myself and print it out to follow. I am guessing I will still be able to do that. Don’t know how I could get along with out you two and the News Letter. I have 5 keys left that are to be good forever and so far doing as per your instructions I haven’t had to use them yet. Always something each week that it seems I can use. Thanks to both of you.

  16. Muriel Schlecht

    Whatever you decide is OK with me. Make it easier on yourselves. How about sending an email each week with the link to reading it online. The email let’s us know its ready for reading and provides a quick link to get there. I simple sentence would suffice. Same sentence every week Just change the issue number.

    Haven’t had a problem since I switched my newsletter to g-mail 7-8 years ago. I don’t understand why others don’t, when its such a simple solution that anyone could do instead of complaining to you guys.
    I better shut up now ‘ cause I feel a “rant” brewing over ISP email censorship, the spam filters, and bouncing.

    1. Sondra

      I agree with Muriel. Whatever is easy for you. I can read it all on line or just follow links to specific articles.

      I agree that as a gmail user I have no problem getting your newsletter.

      You have taught me so much and about the workings of PC’s and your tips and tricks aided me in my struggles with each new version of Windows. Don’t know what I would have done without you! Your newsletters made it possible to survive the Internet and the all the new technologies. I consider you my training instructors in computer boot camp, and I really don’t think I will ever get out of boot camp. LOL!

      Bless you in all you do. Love you guys!

  17. Audrey Malcolmson

    Like many of the above comments I have just read I will go along with what even is best for you both, as long as we still get your invaluable help, though must admit being a bit long in the tooth I’m not to fond of change, if it’s not broke don’t try and fix it, but I do sympathies with anyone how doesn’t get you news letter each week, but they could always read it on your website couldn’t they.

  18. Douglas Bays

    I can’t even Imagine how you two find the time for all the information you compile to produce this Weekly, not to mention the time spent repairing our computers at a reasonable cost, and without leaving ones home. It’s bee many.n years now, and I’ve yet to find your equals.

  19. Jean

    I have made many copies of your news letters, and I have enjoyed reading from time to time. I have a note book that is filled to the brim. I love to read them from time to time.

    Thank you for your stories, I find them very interesting. I also like you information you send. Has helped many time.

    Thank you,

  20. MaryM

    Thanks for all you both have taught us freely along the years and will read it either way.

    We can rely on your honesty and trust ( except when you pick on Darcy of course Tsk Tsk ;))

    I chose to stay with Windows 7 as still learning on that LOL:))

  21. Rhea Mieczkowski

    Either way is fine with me, whatever y ou two decide, I am game. My ISP does not interfere with my email and anyhow, I have 3 of them but they are all okay, I trust you and have for years so whatever y ou do is fine!!

  22. MILTY

    It makes perfect sense to me to have the whole newsletter available on the web, and perhaps on FRI you could just send out a url ( with topics ) = that way nothing would interfere with anyone getting the newsletter.

    Whichever you decide on, I will be happy with !!

    1. Linda

      I agree with Milty! I like reading your newsletter “as a whole” and I think this solution would probably work best for most, if not all, subscribers. BTW, I have had AT&T as my ISP for probably 10 years or more and have never had a problem receiving it. I did the upgrade to Ws 10 and still use Windows Live Mail as it’s as close as it’s ever going to get to OE. I can still receive some HTML content with it. I’ve read all the comments praising Gmail, but honestly, I just cannot get used to the layout, interface, etc., so I stick with what I know – to each his own!

      Whatever you decide to do, I’m sure you won’t lose any subscribers because of it! The two of you have helped so many overcome their fear of the Internet, our computers, and have taught us so much that we may not have EVER learned otherwise. You have my sincere appreciation and gratitude.

  23. Deb

    I really like the format the way it is now to be honest. I have saved every Newsletter onto a USB stick and also onto an external Hard Drive, since I became a lifetime member many, many years ago. (Double protection).

    My saved newsletters are always available to read in full, at any time I choose.

    If it goes to a link format, wouldn’t there be a risk that those links won’t be available in the years to come?

    I live in Australia and have always received my Newsletter, every Saturday morning (our time).
    My ISP has never blocked any of them fortunately – I’m with Gmail.

    I am interested to know how many newsletters get blocked by ISP’s, in comparison to how many reach their destination safely? What is the percentage?

    Cheers from Australia.

  24. Sandra Frego

    Whatever way is best for you is okay with me. I’ve been getting your newsletters for years and I love them..I have learned so much since the first one..I use Gmail and have never had a problem getting the newsletters. Thank you for your trust and are very much appreciated..also your crew lol..

  25. Doug

    That would be a good idea. One can quickly look at the titles and read the ones of most interest at a later time.

  26. Verna ferguson

    I love your newsletter, send it which ever way suits you best, you work so hard to keep us upto date and out of trouble on our computers

  27. Harold

    Leave it the way it is I pick and choose what I want to read I wish I could understand a lot of it but I dont and get by.

  28. Vic

    More than three years ago I missed about one third of your InfoAve Premium Newsletters.
    I solved this problem at `ONE HIT` by using your suggestion of changing my address to a gmail account – PROBLEM SOLVED.
    So, I don`t want you to change anything, I have NOTHING wants fixing !

  29. JoninOz

    1.) InfoAvePrem is an email, click-to-open.
    2.) CloudEight Daily is a ‘click-to-open’ the email, and then another click to read the content, so (1.) a link in the email opens in a web browser, hardly any difference to my way of thinking.
    I hope some people understand that email-opening and browser-opening does not involve any difficulty.

  30. Caryn

    Either is fine with me. I use Safari & don’t have a problem with blocking. I keep reading even tho I switched to a Mac several years ago!

  31. madeline e. ross

    i like it just the way it is..but do whatever you think would be best for you…….I have never had a problem receiving my information from you……..

    1. infoave Post author

      Some of our tips work with any operating system. Some apply to browsers on any operating system (Linux, Apple, Android, Windows). Some of our tips are general computer safety tips valid for all operating systems. But basically we are a Windows-oriented newsletter. Generally we do not have Mac-specific tips.

  32. Shirley

    Either way is fine with me. Just make it easy on yourselves. You have to do all the work on the Newsletter.

  33. Barbara Curths

    Which ever way you choose to send it, I’ll be happy with. Thanks for your invaluable information over the years.
    Love you guys!

  34. Monty

    I have been enjoying your Information Avenue Premium since 2004 and have pretty much every one of them saved. I voted to keep the newsletter as it is, but I will definitely continue to read every issue regardless of which format you choose. Thank you for all your information.

    1. infoave Post author

      We pretty much kept it like it was. We may, at times, include a link to really long articles – and just part of the tip in the newsletter with the rest online- but for the most part it will be as it has always been. Thanks for being a long-time subscriber – we both appreciate it very much.

  35. Edith Barclay

    I think you are both “pretty cool” too!! In the survey, I voted for the links; but really, I wouldn’t mind either way. Apart from all your wonderful info., I so enjoy your ramblings too!!


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