6 thoughts on “Kids Discover Typewriters: A Video

  1. Muriel.S

    I can think of so many things that today’s kids will never see, recognize, or experience. A really sad example was when I recently saw some kids in a TV interview. Too many of them didn’t know where milk and cheese came from, among other things.

    As for the typewriter, I still have one and often use it instead of my computer/printer. Many times it’s quicker and much more convenient. I recently saw this extremely short video. Watch closely. Depending on your age and background some might not “get it” the first time. No problem for me. LOL

  2. Terry

    What fun watching the kids try to figure out how the typewriter works. I remember when our school got the first electric typewriters and how cool they were. Thanks Muriel S for the video clip, I sure didn’t have to watch it twice.

  3. Peggy Dorgan

    Muriel I didn’t have to see it twice either. Are we telling our age here? Technology has brought us some wonderful things but I can also see us losing so much because of it. We have young people working as cashiers who can’t make change without the computer to tell how much to give you & then you get 3 dimes instead of a quarter & a nickel. My Grandchildren can’t write in cursive because they no longer teach it. How are they supposed to read a signature if they can’t write their own? If the electric goes off they can’t take an order, fill it, or tell you what you owe much less make change for you. We seem to have lost all the interpersonal skills that help us get along in the world & that is a sad thing because we still need them.

  4. Joan G

    I still own that exact model Remington Typewriter. It was a special birthday gift.
    I remember being so ‘blown away’ when my parents gave it to me. It was certainly a
    big expense for them back then. But I guess they decided it wasn’t fair for me to keep borrowing
    the wonderful, lady next door’s machine whenever I needed to get some work done quickly for school.

  5. Jean

    I learned at a very young age, do to my Mom having an Remington Typewriter. Then in High School I took what they called the Commercial course which meant I had to learn shorthand, run a comp-controller, copier machine that we had to jelled called a mimeograph. From non-electric typewriters to electric typewriters, and electric copy machines. I also still have an IBM Selectric II Typewriter. “Boy ” if that don’t bring back the memories.
    The children today don’t even now how to spell, or write like we did. This is the future and will change again.


  6. Pat, Bremerton WA

    My grandsons saw an old LC Smith typewriter (50 pounds of precision machining!) a few years ago when my wife and I were shopping. They were about 8 years old and had never seen such a thing, so I borrowed a couple of sheets of paper from the store clerk (she took the paper out of her LASER PRINTER!!) The Smith was in very good shape and even had what appeared to be a brand new ribbon. As I cranked the paper in and set the margins, everything I ever learned about typewriters came back to me and I started typing. The older boy turned to his brother and said, “I know what this is! It’s a keyboard with a built-in printer!”


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