Learn Something New Every Day

By | May 5, 2019
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Learn Something New Every Day

Our site pick today is called “Today I Found Out” which is kind of an odd name for a website unless today you do find out something new. And you certainly will if you take the time to visit this Cloudeight website pick.

This is not a skim-and-go website. In other words, you’re not going to find out short little facts like “Did you know horses can’t vomit” (sorry, but it’s true). But you’re going to find out some really interesting things you might have always wondered about along with facts and explanations.

But rather than just tease your brain with fact, “Today I Found Out” gives you a lot of background information and details. So if you don’t like to read or if you’re more interested in stuff like “Did you know vanilla comes from an orchid?” without any explanation, stick with a fact of the day site.

But if you have an inquiring mind, an urge to learn and some time to spend, we think you’ll find “Today I Found Out” a marvelous learning resource.

Here are some interesting topics currently on the front page of “Today I Found Out”

Why doesn’t the United States use the metric system?

That time five guys volunteered to stand at ground zero of a nuclear blast just to see what would happen.

Has anyone ever really inherited millions from a random person they’ve never heard of?

Why do the eyes in some paintings follow you around the room?

That time Coca-Cola released a new soda just to spite Pepsi.

Cloudeight Site Pick

Come on people now,Β  just smile on your brother, and tell me you’re not a little bit curious? You are right? Your interest is piqued, isn’t it!

Learn something new today by visiting today’s site pick “Today I Found Out”. And if you want to learn something new every day, bookmark “Today I Found Out”. There are a ton of very interesting, and sometimes bizarre things on this Cloudeight site pick!

Come on, your curiosity is urging you on. Visit today’s Cloudeight website pick “Today I Found Out”.

5 thoughts on “Learn Something New Every Day

  1. Abby

    Sounds very interesting but if I were to join up would I be spammed with email ?

    1. infoave Post author

      This is a well-respected site with a great reputation. I would be shocked if they ever sent spam. That being said, this is a recommendation of the site not of any of their ancillary services or offers.

  2. Gary Navas

    When my wife had a look at this site she said she already knew it all.

  3. Gail Bartley

    I bookmarked this site. Thanks for the link because I like to find out tidbits like some I found here. Sometimes there is a big story in the news for a short time but we don’t always learn all the details.


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