Make any program window sticky (freeware)

By | March 12, 2011
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Works with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32bit and 64bit)

EB has a little program she likes that keeps a program window on top of all other windows. Just the other day I needed a program like that but I couldn’t remember the name of the one she uses. But if I wrote her and asked her the name of it, she’d make me beg and then accuse me of having dementia. Who needs the hassle? So I went off and found my own little program to keep a program window on top of all others – a program to make a window sticky.

EB will be jealous. She uses some old clunky program from 1994 to make a program window sticky – i.e. stay on top of all others. Don’t ask me the name of it, but she’s constantly reminding me how much she uses it. When I went off to find my own program to keep a window on top off all others, I found a great one. It does only one thing. The very thing wanted it to do: it keeps a particular window (or windows) on top of all others.

EB is jealous I can tell!

DeskPins is kind of fun. It’s like sticking a thumb tack into a program window –  it sticks the window to your screen. And it’s always on top no matter what else you open. It’s handy when you’re writing something or referring to something in one window and doing something in another. EB uses whatever program she uses all the time – and I will be using DeskPins. It’s better than her old clunker, I bet!

I really needed a program like DeskPins today and doggone it, I was NOT going to grovel around and beg EB. Ha! I found something fun and better than her old outdated 1994 model program.

I’m so proud. Want to see?

Cloudeight InfoAve

See the red tack? I love this program. I didn’t have to beg EB.

DeskPins is a tiny 64KB program that does only one thing: it makes a program window or windows sticky. And though the author does not list Windows Vista or Windows 7 – fear not. I’ve tested it on Vista and on Windows 7 64bit. So I can say without a doubt it works with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 both 32bit and 64bit.

The DeskPins developer (and it looks like he hasn’t touched his site since ought-two) says this:

“DeskPins can be used to make any application topmost, that is, to keep it above all other windows. Just grab a pin from the DeskPins icon in the system notification area (a.k.a. taskbar tray) and click on any window. This functionality is identical to the “Always on Top” setting found in some programs. With DeskPins you can add this feature to any program!”

Make your windows sticky with DeskPins.

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One thought on “Make any program window sticky (freeware)

  1. jhonni

    I so wish I could agree with your assessment of deskpins but I had so much difficulty that I just had to uninstall it. Maybe it is too simple and I need to make things complicated, I would activate the program and pick a color for the pin. Then drag the programs circle icon to the top of the window where I wanted a pin. After maybe three or four times, I would see the pin. The second circle icon I dragged to the window to identify it, never could. Then, in deskpin mode, with no deskpins showing, I couldn’t move any windows, click on any icons, etc. Took it out of deskpin mode and everything went back to normal. downloaded the program from 2 different places, just in case I got a corrupted file, didn’t make any difference, what am I doing wrong? It seems so simple and I am very computer proficient.


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