Microsoft Releases Updated PC Health Check App

By | September 22, 2021
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Microsoft Releases Updated PC Health Check App

Find Out if Your PC Can Run Windows 11

PC Health Check - Cloudeight

When Microsoft released the original “PC Health Check” back in June, it seemed unfinished and unpolished. The purpose of the app was to tell people whether or not their computers could run Windows 11. And if not, why not.

But many times, it didn’t work or when it did, it didn’t give users enough detail about why their computers couldn’t run Windows 10. In other cases, the results were vague. Microsoft quickly pulled the PC Health Check app from its servers.

PC Health Check - Cloudeight InfoAve

My poor nine-year-old Rocky 10 computer cannot run Windows 11. So, Windows 10 it is.

PC Health Check - Cloudeight

My cheap $300 GT book can (and does) run Windows 11

Now, with less than two weeks left until the official launch of Windows 11 on October 5, 2021, and after weeks of testing by Windows Insiders, Microsoft has released an updated version of the PC Health Check app.

The app tells users in detail why they can or why they can’t run Windows 11 – and provides information on what changes users might make to run Windows 11.

If you’re still wondering whether or not your PC can run Windows 11 – or if you’re simply curious, you can download the free, updated version of the PC Health Check app here.

9 thoughts on “Microsoft Releases Updated PC Health Check App

  1. Kevin

    Well it seems that I have TPM but not 2.0 only 1.2.
    Is it worth finding the correct module if I can?
    My desktop is only 5 years old.

    1. infoave Post author

      The cost of TPM 2.0 chip is ($30 to $50) not the issue – it’s getting the right one for your motherboard, and being comfortable opening the computer case and working inside with the motherboard. Since your computer is already five years old, buying a new PC or laptop might be something you’d want to consider. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to buy a laptop, all-in-one, or desktop that will run Windows 11. Prices are fairly low right now. However, Windows 10 will be supported, updated, and safe to use until October 14, 2025 and that’s four years away. Your computer will be nine years old by then. I like Windows 11 a lot, and if I were not in the business I’m in, I would stick with Windows 10.

      If you’re interested in learning how to find the right TPM 2.0 chip for your motherboard, see this off-site article

  2. Jane Dellinger

    Haven’t a clue what you are talking about! Will just keep Windows 10…I miss XP!!!!

  3. Sheila R Brown

    I am running Win 7 now but have been looking for a new desktop, for about a year with Win 10, so I can get Win 11 but, I can’t find any new desktops. What I do see are refurbished. No new ones. I wonder when the computers with Win 11 be be manufactured? I think they are sitting on cargo ships in the Harbors with this years’ Christmas toys.
    I guess I will be still be waiting for a long time. My Win 7 is hanging on but not with the spirit it had 8 years ago when new.

  4. J-M

    Since I am a windows insider I needed to get a new PC as my Dell could not be upgraded to windows 11. I got this Acer desktop on Amazon for 485.00 last July and upgraded to Win 11 no problem and it works amazingly.
    Acer Aspire Desktop TC-895-UA92, I5-10400, 12GB, 512GB

    1. infoave Post author

      Sounds great. I think Windows 11 is getting a bad rap. So far it runs great. Other than a couple of things that don’t make sense (like setting default programs). I think it’s great. But there’s nothing wrong with Windows 10 either. Every Windows 10 user has at least 4 years to keep using Windows 10 – until October 14, 2025.

  5. Dawn Campbell

    Wow! I am good to go! My PC just 2 years old from date of purchase from Dell but didn’t expect it to meet all the requirements. Whether I use it is still to be seen. Thanks for the tip!

  6. Sandy

    Wow, my desktop pc is 4 yrs old and according to this check, its good to go for Win 11. Thank you Cloudeight. What a great help you always are.


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