Many HP Inkjet Printers Require Important Firmware Security Update

By | August 14, 2018
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Many HP Inkjet Printers Require Important Firmware  Security Update

If you have an HP Printer, you should visit this page to find out if your printer requires an update. Many HP printer models are listed on that page.

Here’s what HP has to say… this was dated August 1, 2018 and just came to our attention today.

Important Print Security Update HP was recently made aware of a vulnerability in certain inkjet printers by a third-party researcher. HP has updates available for download to address the vulnerability. Details and more information are available in the Security Bulletin…

Two security vulnerabilities have been identified with certain HP Inkjet printers. A maliciously crafted file sent to an affected device can cause a stack or static buffer overflow, which could allow remote code execution.

If you have an HP Inkjet printer, we advise you to visit this HP page and see if your printer is listed. If it is listed, look for the “Resolution” section on that page (shown below) as it contains a link to the drivers page where you can download firmware update for your printer and instructions on how to update the printer firmware.


HP has provided firmware updates for impacted printers as set forth in the table below. To obtain the updated firmware, go to the HP Software and Drivers page for your product and find the firmware update from the list of available software. For guidance on how to update your product firmware, go to the Upgrading Printer Firmware page and follow the instructions provided.
Make sure your printer is listed on this page before downloading firmware updates.

8 thoughts on “Many HP Inkjet Printers Require Important Firmware Security Update

  1. Juel Powley

    It was very difficult to understand what to do once I found my Printer in the list. In the end I gave up after the downloading part am wondering is it just me or did others have a problem?

    1. infoave Post author

      On the HP page look for driver downloads in the Resolution section. Then find he driver/firmware update part and download the right firmware/drivers for your printer model. Once you download them just install them.

  2. Yvonne

    Thanks for giving us this information, even though I shudder going to the website looking for ANYTHING.
    I went, found the update for my printer and thought it was going to be a tremendous hassle; but found it ‘easier’ than I expected. Thanks again! Don’t know why HP doesn’t send us this information especially when you are enrolled in their Ink Program. It’s not like they don’t know ‘how to get in touch.’

  3. Jim

    Thank you for this information. Was not aware of this. But was easy to update once I found my printer.

  4. Bill

    I have 2 HP print, copy, scan & fax printers and HP put a message on the printer screen telling me that there was a security update and asking if I wanted to update.
    Every thing was done thru the HP site with no looking for anything. All done in less than 10 minutes.

  5. Ebenezer

    Located and downloaded the applicable Firmware Update. (HP ENVY Photo 6255 – Windows 7 Pro 64-bit) The downloaded program located the printer and started the installation process. That process, however, got stuck in some kind of ‘Updating printer firmware…’ loop, displaying that green slime thingy sliding across the window endlessly, while the printer displayed a continuous ‘Verifying’ condition. Finally had to terminate this procedure manually and revert back to the original condition. Tried the whole download/install process again a couple of days later with the same results. I’m familiar with the concept of repeating the same thing over and over and expecting different results. So I quit.

    1. infoave Post author

      Unfortunately, we are not HP. We merely sent you to the HP page for information, etc. If you have problems with HP products, please contact HP.


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