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By | October 16, 2017
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Cloudeight Special Newlsetter

Monday, October 16, 2017
Special Cloudeight Newsletter

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Cloudeight Stationery Halloween - Killer Pumpkins & More

Announcing New Halloween Stationery for Thunderbird!

Killer Pumpkins -The Art of John Pelico

If you’re looking for Halloween fun for your email, you’ll find it in our newest collection of Cloudeight Stationery entitled “Killer Pumpkins: The art of John Pelico”. This collection features 15 all-new Cloudeight Halloween Stationery designs just in time for your spooky & fun Halloween emails. All treats, no tricks… guaranteed!

Here are some samples from our Killer Pumpkins Halloween Stationery Collection for Thunderbird:

Cloudeight Stationery Halloween - Killer Pumpkins & More

Cloudeight Stationery Halloween - Killer Pumpkins & More

Cloudeight Stationery Halloween - Killer Pumpkins & More

You can preview all 15 designs and / or download our collection from here.

We want to thank John Pelico for allowing us to use his fantastic Halloween art in our Killer Pumpkins stationery collection for Thunderbird. We hope you’ll take time to visit John Pelico’s online studio and tell him thanks!

Our Killer Pumpkins stationery collection for Thunderbird  is waiting for you right now. Visit this page to preview and download it.

Oh, did we mention we have more Halloween stationery here?

Soon we’ll be announcing more new holiday stationery for Thunderbird, including brand new stationery for autumn, Thanksgiving and Christmas. We’ll announce them in special newsletters as well as on our InfoAve website, on Facebook, and in our weekly InfoAve Premium newsletter!

Thunderbird Email Set-up service by CloudeightHave some fun with your email this holiday season with Cloudeight Stationery for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas & more all made to work with Thunderbird! And right now, our Thunderbird Email set-up service is on sale!

It includes installing and setting up Thunderbird to look and work as much like Windows Live Mail / Windows Mail as possible. We’ll configure up to 3 email accounts for you and set them up as IMAP so that all your mail messages and folders on your mail server(s) are included in your Thunderbird Email program too! We can set up almost any email account for you including Gmail & accounts. If you love using stationery, we’ll set up Thunderbird and make it easy for you to use stationery. With the holiday season approaching, you’ll have some fun this year with your holiday emails. We also have some great Thunderbird tips & tricks to help you get the most out of Thunderbird Email program.

Right now we’re offering our Thunderbird Email Setup Service for 30% off. And all our stationery is always FREE! You’ll get the best email experience and have fun too, when you have us set up your Thunderbird email program so you get the most out of it. The holidays are coming so don’t delay!


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