New Windows Spotlight Wallpaper For You – Zipped and Ready to Use

By | March 11, 2017
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New Windows Spotlight Wallpaper For You – Zipped and Ready to Use

A few months ago, we zipped up a few dozen full-size Windows 10 Spotlight lockscreen pictures and made them available for you to download. Today, we have updated that file, included a lot of new lockscreen pictures, and now there are 160+ full-size Windows 10 lockscreen images that all make great desktop wallpaper no matter what version of Windows you’re using. So, even if you’re not a Windows 10 user, you can take advantage of these beautiful Microsoft lockscreen images; they’ll look beautiful on any desktop.

Since we packed over 160 full-size images into one zip file, so it’s a pretty large file — about 134 MB. If you’ve got a slow connection, be patient, it will take you a while to download.

Click here to download this beautiful collection of Microsoft Windows 10 lockscreen images . All make great desktop wallpaper no matter what version of Windows you’re using.

Here are few samples from this collection – they have been resized. We made them much smaller than the original to fit this format. All images in the zip file are all at least 1920 x 1080.

Cloudeight InfoAve Tips & Tricks - Microsoft Lock Screen Images

You can download over 160 beautiful, Microsoft Windows 10 lockscreen images  — like the samples above — by clicking here. 

We’ve taken all the work out of gathering up all these beautiful images from Windows Spotlight. Now all you have to do is download, unzip, and enjoy!


21 thoughts on “New Windows Spotlight Wallpaper For You – Zipped and Ready to Use

    1. Lynne Stewart Canby, OR

      Love that you do all the work for me, you two are Great. Thank you!!

  1. Anne Stewart

    This is so awesome, thank you so much Cloud Eight

  2. Colin Jones

    Beautiful pictures. Now how do I get them into my gallery so I can use them? At the moment they’re sitting on my desktop and I have tried accessing them from my settings for personalisation but can’t locate them.

  3. Graham

    Hi folks, Question from an idiot…, I’ved downloaded the file and unzipped it and its sitting on my desktop – how do I put it where it will work as a screensaver?


    1. Marie

      I moved the extracted folder to My Pictures. Then I right clicked on my desktop, chose Personalize and then browsed to the folder in My Pictures. I have it set to change every 10 minutes. It’s very nice!

  4. Dawn Campbell

    Gorgeous! I must have missed the original posting you did. Thanks a lot!

    1. infoave Post author

      These are Microsoft LockScreen images that anyone using Windows 10 Spotlight already has on their PC. We just gathered all of them up and zipped them up for people who do like Wallpaper as a convenience.

  5. Ramona

    I have always loved Wallpaper and Microsoft Win 10 is always showing them and asking how we like them. I thank you so very much for putting them in zip form for us and now I am ready to have the opportunity to use as Wallpaper on my screen and change as my mood changes. Thank you TC and EB you are the best!

  6. Helen

    Beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing. You both are the greatest. Have been with you for a long time and love all your tips and newsletter. When I first joined Not Over The Hill it was just for people 40 and over. Can’t remembedr how many years ago that was.

  7. Karen W

    Thanks so much! Spotlight is one of the things I truly enjoy about Win10, but after clicking “I Like It”, I never knew how to grab the ones I liked. You captured a few of them. Some remind me of places we traveled to or visited, so they’d be lovely to keep. While I have a wallpaper I like (an aspect of my hobby), it would be nice to use these as a screen saver.

  8. Arpan

    I’ve spent a lot of time to find these wallpapers and finally i found them because of you. But there are some missing images. Never mind thanks a lot for these beautiful wallies.

  9. Christopher Chikazunga

    thanks so much,,, they are really very nice.. but would u please add the December 2018 and January 2019 to the list? i need them so much

  10. james

    I get a “One or more of these files might be harmful to your computer” when I try to extract them. Should I be worried?


    1. infoave Post author

      Wonder what is giving you that warning – the only things in the zipped file are photos. If you trust us you should extract the files, if you don’t then don’t extract the files 🙂

      That zip file has been downloaded over 800 times and I don’t think we’ve ever harmed anyone’s computer 🙂


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