New Year’s Eve 2021 All Around the World

By | December 29, 2020
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New Year’s Eve 2021 All Around the World

Most of us sane folks are looking forward to putting 2020 into the dumpster and moving on. You must admit, 2020 has been a real bummer! Next year can’t possibly be worse. Right?

I hope not!

Because of the continuing pandemic, most of us will be staying home this New Year’s Eve. Lucky for me, in my state, our savvy lawmakers just voted to allow liquor to be ordered online or by phone and delivered directly to our homes and placed right into our needy, wanton hands.

So, this year, I’ll be staying home, waiting for the liquor guy to bring my holiday spirits, far from the madding crowd, watching the Twilight Zone marathon.

I’ll be asleep by shortly after 10:00 PM.

But if you’re livelier and more fun than me, and you’re one of the many who usually spends New Year’s Eve out galivanting and celebrating but, this year, out of concern for your health, you won’t be venturing out to join the wild masses, don’t worry!

There’s real hope for you. We’ve got you covered!

Despite the tragic state of the world, you can be certain, Covid or no Covid, they’ll be tons of crazy people out and about, celebrating and carrying on. And you can vicariously be a part of this wild lunacy, without ever leaving your home. And if you’re lucky, and your state, like mine, offers home liquor delivery, you can order a bottle or two of hootch and slug it down while watching the wild, and mostly maskless New Year’s revelers, from all around the world, spread Covid-19 as they welcome in the New Year!

Watch from your computer as revelers, in the Eastern time zone, raise Cain in New York City’s Times Square. If you’re looking for all-day entertainment, you can watch the New Year’s Eve craziness in Queenstown, NZ; Tokyo, Japan, Pattaya, Thailand, Dubai, UAE, Istanbul, Turkey, Moscow, Russia, Dublin, Ireland, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, and other locations around the world. I would imagine if you planned well, you could watch New Year’s Eve celebrations most of the day.

What a treat!

No, I’m not going to figure all that out for you, but you can look up the time in each of those places and figure out how to make watching wild nutty people throw caution to the wind, ignore social distancing and mask-wearing, and run amok while ringing in 2021, a day-long jubilee.

But I won’t blame you – I can’t wait to throw 2020 on the scrap heap of history’s worst years and put my hope in 2021 which has got to be better. Right?

However, to be honest, I just can’t break my New Year’s Eve tradition – I must watch the Twilight Zone Marathon and fall asleep in my recliner shortly after 10 PM and snore my way into the New Year.

Yes, I know. I’ve taunted and teased you enough. You’re wondering when I’m going to get to the point of this and tell you how to remotely enjoy the lunacy of the masses as they defy logic and gather together despite the pandemic to celebrate the dawning of the new year, also known as 2021.

Remotely join festivities all over the world without Zoom or Microsoft Teams – and watch tens of thousands of bacchants and carousers ring in the New Year, while you, wiser, safer, and more sedate, remain at home in your new Christmas jammies.

Watch New Year's Eve Celebrations All Over The World

According to the team responsible for our site pick

“Though New Year’s Eve will be different this year, you can watch EarthCam’s live coverage of celebrations in Times Square and from all around the world. Take a front-row seat, wherever you are!”

Our site pick is Earthcam New Year’s Eve 2021… put on your new jammies, raise a glass, and welcome the new year safely, I tells ya!

Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!

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  1. Sheila Smith

    A big thank you EB and TC for all the many ways you help and look after us, please stay well.
    Happy New Year

  2. Joyce Linsenmeyer

    Happy New Year to both of you! You make our year better each year. I have learned lots of things from you about computers with your tips and software sites you give us. Thank you for all you do it is appreciated so much.


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