Your guide to common Web image formats

A guide to image formats used on the Web GIF: (Graphics Interchange Format) –This format has a maximum number of 256 colors (but it can “dither” which means mix two colors together to give the impression of another color). GIF is a “lossless” format, meaning it doesn’t get blurry or lose sharpness. It’s a great format for drawings,… Read More »


Janice asks about keyloggers I’ve been reading a lot about keyloggers. What are they and what are they for? I love your Information Avenue Premium newsletters! Best regards, Janice Our Answer: Thanks Janice. Keyloggers are being mentioned more these days because they’re becoming much more prevalent. Once the tool of choice for hackers to steal passwords and other… Read More »

Why the push to 64bit Windows?

William wants to know why computer manufacturers are pushing 64-bit machines I would like to know why most all computer brands are now trying to sell 64 bit in place of 32 bit, is their a good reason for this? Please let me know as I am thinking of replacing my wife’s computer. Our Answer The answer is… Read More »

A hacker stole millions of names and email addresses – Were you a victim too?

A “hacker” stole millions of names and email addresses –were you a victim too? Information is the new gold. Information about you is being collected and collated and, unfortunately, shared with companies and organizations without your knowledge, permission, or consent. The companies who collect this information are companies you do business with and trust. Companies like Best Buy,… Read More »