IPv6 – Why it’s important to you

If you haven’t heard about IPv6, you will soon. On June 8, 2011, many web sites will test the new IPv6 protocol. On that day, Google, Facebook and many others will participate in this test. And of course, as with all things new, a lot of cable news folks who wouldn’t know a node from a byte, will… Read More »

Buried in spam

Sharon is overwhelmed with spam I have recently been overwhelmed with spam in my OE inbox. What anti spam filter do you recommend? Thanks for all you do!! Our Answer Thanks, Sharon. We’ve tried all kinds of spam filters that work with email programs – but since the spam problem is almost overwhelming – the spam filters we’ve… Read More »

Print what you like and like what you print!

No. We are not kidding PrintWhatYouLike is a word. Look it up. We learnt it just today. We like English spellings too, it adds colour to our newsletter, don’t you think? Besides, if England invented English, who are we Americans to muck it up? Learnt, dreamt, burnt, smelt…wait, “smelt” is a fish and the past tense of smell.… Read More »

The Mouse Sonar Effect

Here’s a great tip for those of you who have trouble locating your mouse pointer on the screen. Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 have a feature that some refer to as “mouse sonar effect”. This option causes your mouse pointer to pop-up in the center of concentric rings so you can easily find it. Some of… Read More »