Credit Karma

The world – offline and online – is full of charlatans, cheaters, crooks and con artists. It seems everyone is out to fool you or trick you into buying something or getting you to give away valuable information about yourself. And if you haven’t already figured this out yet: It’s all about the money (or lack thereof). In… Read More »

What kind of personality do you have? Really?

Warning! This site of the week pick will have most men groaning. Most females will be ecstatic. Here’s your chance to show your husband (or significant other) what a cocktail of evil he really is. Of course, ladies, you are ultimately responsible for selecting him in the first place. I’ve often wondered why EB gives me so much… Read More »

Have fun with your computer

Do you like chess? Do you like Solitaire? Come on, you like one of the two. With all the bad things going on with the Internet these days, there are still a lot of good people who create web sites and make software to either give away free or to sell for a very fair price. When you… Read More »