7 Tips To Help You Control Spam

There are many recipes for controlling spam – and there are many recipes for cooking with Spam. If you want recipes for cooking meals that challenge your arteries, please visit this page. If you’re looking for ways to control the amount of spam you get, stay on this page. We’ll delve into the world of spam and show… Read More »

Microsoft launches IE9

Microsoft has finally launched its Internet Explorer 9 Web browser. After months of betas and release candidates, Internet Explorer 9 has been officially released to the public. Keep in mind that Internet Explorer 9 will not run on Windows XP,  you’ll need either Windows Vista and Windows 7 to run it. Those of you who want to download… Read More »

Bing now offering “Instant Search”

Bing is now offering “Instant Search”. Picasso once said that “good artists imitate, but great artists steal”.  Apparently in the corporate world: good companies imitate, but great companies steal. Microsoft who has unsuccessfully tried to imitate everything from iPod  (Zune) to iPhone (Kin, Kin2, Windows 7 Phone),  has now decided to take a different tack.  Microsoft’s johnny-come-lately search engine, Bing,  now… Read More »