A secret admirer who LOVES you!

You do, and  It’s Eightball. Just kidding. During the next eight or nine days, you’re undoubtedly going to be receiving e-cards and videos from boyfriends and girlfriends you didn’t even know you had. All these girls and guys are really going to love you. A lot! Well, they’re really going to love you if you click the link… Read More »

Cloudeight Freeware Goodie 3/17/2011

If you answer a lot of email like we do, or find yourself typing the text over and over again, like “Yours truly” or “Get lost”, then you’re frustrated because Windows Clipboard can only store one thing at a time. That’s why, if you’re typing the same text over and over again, you need some kind of clipboard… Read More »

Cloudeight site pick…Hey Paste It!

We’re going to have to explain this site very well because the site doesn’t explain itself at all. I guess they figure you’ll figure it out or you won’t. You gotta love his laid-back attitude. Apparently though, even though the site’s developer doesn’t care if you know what it is, a lot of folks have figured it out,… Read More »


I’ve never much cared for verbs. I’m an adjective kind of guy. This morning I came across a quote from one of my favorite authors, Lewis Carroll. I don’t have many favorite authors, but Lewis Carroll is one of them because of his wonderful word play. You’re probably thinking, “What quote?” aren’t you? I will get to that… Read More »